Saturday, 9 March 2019

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear
For his soul is already attuned;
To the sounds that encase him
Like a blanket that fits,
Snuggly over his shoulders
Right down to his finger tips.

She already notices the changes within each season.
Sang by the winds whinge amongst the trees and
While the cuckoo hammers strong,
The other birds raise up their voices in a collective, glorious song.

Yet it’s the muffled sound held in the decaying movements 
of last autumn’s leaves that
harold’s springs approach;
like a soft sigh of release
from the soles beneath ones feet.

I hear your approach.
I need not prick up my ears to hear for your foot fall.
Rather I notice your presence
In the orchestral call 
in all which surrounds me;
from bunches of snowdrops 
and flouncy pussy willow
From tender dandelion leaves
to the soft yellow hues in the daffodils.

The listener hears because he is here.
She is attuned to being present
I need only

to be.

Your Koru

Life is like a bonbon … so unwrap it with care.

Some of you feel that to get the most out of a moment, this moment, a detailed plan is needed, which lays out all you need to accomplish or reach a tranquil state. 
Others of you say that a seminar or retreat weekend provides you with the needed resources to put you back on track. And some people feel that making lists to tick off what has been accomplished is the golden rule to getting things done and being productive in completing a bucket load of things.

What is with just standing still and taking a moment to look about you? What is with just being in this span of time present, without needing to do anything? 

We are inundated with advertising from the outside world in the form of social media, talk shows, forums and guru workshops, all enticing us to run after peace, search for solitude and buy into awareness and in some case enlightment. The idea is feed to us through suggestive manipulation that we are unable to be fulfilled without the newest fad gadget that gives your physical body and senses a state of the so much needed rest. No wonder so many people feel always drained, tired and restless.  We have truly forgotten how to be here without something pulling, tugging or winding us up to reaching calmness.

Yes, in many respects we have entered the age of not being able to “just be” without a crouch of some sort supporting us. It’s not a matter anymore of just making the decision to go for a stroll in the woods and breathe in the atmosphere that nature has create there. Viewing the small signs of the seasonal transitions, as dry bare branches from the winter months create small buds from which later, as the suns warmth bares down upon them, they will expand into a lush green foliage. Appreciating this rotating process of reclusive recuperation that evolves into a rejuvenating awakening requires only your observational skills. 

No, before even venturing into nature you required to make the journey first to the nearest outdoor store to deck yourself out, from head to toe, in the latest Gore-Tex clothing, hiking shoes and Nordic walking poles. Probably even a backpack to hold the energy giving virtualizing health snacks that should provide you with the nutrition your missing to get you through this walk; oh, and a thermos made from bamboo strands, which holds your herbal tea to quench your thirst for peace. All this has been sold to you on the pretense it will help support you to make the correct stride into gaining stability as you venture out into tuning the mind, body and soul into being effectively present on your trip into the wild unknown. What crap! Let’s honestly hope that after spending the time and energy preparing yourself to go for a walk you actual do it.

To really get the most out of any moment you only need yourself to want to do it. To take ownership of wanting to be here now. To breathe in the air around you. To accept your limitations and still move into the space given to you to exist and be. Simply take note of what you are doing now, and view it through your senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight. You have all you need for fully living in this moment on and in you already. It is the truth that is not sold to you because it would mean there would not be a profit made in the bank account of the entrepreneur, tinker or tailor.

Therefore, be grateful for everything your living now no matter whether it is uplifting or simply the pits. It’s all part of experiencing what it means to live. Tomorrow might not be your future; so today is all you have to work with hence enjoy every single fantastic, bombastic moment. Explore your surroundings, live your experiences and walk through your moments with what you already own. Believe me when I say it will be enough for you to tap into the majestic presence of what is called being present.

Life is like a bonbon … so unwrap it with care and enjoy it. 

Your Korus

Monday, 31 December 2018

Gratitude is more than an attitude

I have a few spare moments are up my sleeve and feel the inner pull to place the twirling thoughts in my mind into a more solid form. This process of sorting and validating springs from my personal deeper inner need, to keep track of my own development within this moment. For then I am able to gain insight into what I intuitively feel as coming from a deeper source of loving spiritual guidance as relative, against what society might me trying to control me with - by pushing me towards a fear and control-based action, to the reaction they feed my senses.

Naturally on New Year’s Eve this makes even more sense; as the “time between” or the twelve days of Christmas that we find ourselves in, have their own intense pull on our spiritual senses, while the clock ticks by telling our egoistic or mental mind it’s time to get ready for change, chances and a whole new stream of possibilities. Why not? Don’t we all crave the purest of realities where health, wealth and love are in overflow! I can assure you though it’s all attainable but not by following mainstream standards. Although it’s not my point of writing today.

I have not shared my writing for almost, “yikes!” the whole year with you. This was not an intentionally foreseen plan from my side. I have written heaps, filled loads of journals and yet posted very little. For instance, I posted at the beginning of the new year on Instagram about a project of filling a Marson jar with snippets of paper recording the wonderful moments that I am grateful for. My gratitude jar I termed it. I have often during the year thought back upon this desire to place my gratitude into an “enclosed space” to pull out on New Year’s Eve, read and reflect back on how I viewed the sweet happenings that perhaps adjusted and developed my life’s direction(s) this year. As I see the empty jar on my shelf, it is no reflection upon the amount of gratitude I have experienced in 2018, but rather upon how my mental stand to expressing it has shifted. For in the first week of February my way of recognizing gratitude and recording it, due to a dear friend’s terminal illness took a sharp change. It became important for me to instantly acknowledge my gratitude in the present moment and allow its energy to productively spread through, around and beyond me.

My dear friend’s situation brought up once again (for this happens often when we live in the present moment) literally overnight that I am living here now, which is all that counts. It is a process of being present that I preach all the time and live by. Be aware. Be here now. You are accountable for what you think, say and do now, so own your thoughts, stand by your words and live by your actions, which should show your inner truth. They should be a reflect of who you are and where you are going. Yet often to be within the flow of your life, you need to go deep down into your treasure chest of opinions, feelings and emotional attitudes to peel off layer upon layer that which no longer represents who you are today, to make sure you are following your heart and not the egoistic mental mind set dogma, religion, doctrine or community/family values that wishes to control you from your past and feeds on the fear of your future view.

Therefore, I gave out instead my snippets of gratitude daily, instantly to my spirit. Reminding myself why often the path I have taken is an expression of the purest of Koru in this moment. It is not to everyone’s liking and I can get myself cornered into old ways that trap my true self from living in my moment. I am then frustrated as I am pulled between societies and my way. I too can due to my own fast pace and deep need to be absolutely present, get myself caught up into destructive habits that hinder instead of uplift. Or my old family patterns tangle me again in a web of stickiness that needs me to remember who I am and why I do what I do now. Especially when the family into which I was born are physical present in my life. This year had that happening for me on a larger scale than I wanted as my daughter married and the family clans gathered. When my brother just a shade of under six years ago tried to struggle the last breath out of me, I experienced then demons I thought were only a figment of one’s imagination when you read a criminal fiction book or sit through a B rated horror movie. I worked through the horrific situation and came out knowing I can trust myself to be strong and heal. Yet even in healing lies a dormant spark of fear from such a traumatic experience. It was this small unsolved piece of fear that grasped me again this year to test my sanity during the wedding preparations and day itself. I am still grateful for all the angels that helped me that evening in 2013, which was full of pain and disillusionment. I am grateful for a wonderful husband who carried me both figuratively and physically speaking, at the time and my son who gave me such emotional support.

Yet I was reminded again this year to live in gratitude means as well to be able to say when something isn’t right for you and take yourself away from whatever it might be that is destructive to you. I can now say I am grateful for the hard situation of seeing the person who was born as my brother, at my daughter’s wedding and knowing it is not good for me to be near him. He is not my brother. I am grateful for also fully recognizing that the one I choose as my mother is also not able to give me the mothering I need, for she blinds herself to the reality of what happened. I am so grateful that I can clearly see this and take affirmative action to release the fear of not feeling safe or being loved. 

Instead from past situations I can be grateful for the insight into being able to live constructively in the present moment, by being conscious of my inner world so as to deepen my spiritual sphere. The natural process of growth and harmony can then occur and allow me to live spontaneously now so that I can know how to live in the future. 

I am deeply grateful for the experience of death and the feeling of the residue of fear this year. These two aspects in 2018 played a very large role in setting about where and how I am going to step over the threshold of 2018 into 2019 tonight. It is a time in which I am open to me – Koru and my hearts desires, to explore and discover. Where am I going? What do I wish to accomplish and how? What do I desire to change or restructure? What goals should I invest in and which should I let go of? What should I undertake so as do give more sense and fulfillment to my life?

Be brave. Be adventurous. Gasp the new and go for achieving unseen heights. It is time to realize your dormant dreams and strive for that which you crave. Remember that it is only when we follow through on our dreams and desires that give us a direction in our lives that true happiness and contentment can take root and spread.

Wishing you all a happy new year fill of discovering and developing yourself with deepest gratitude for sharing with me your time to read my whispers.

Your Koru

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Periods of time

Look at these Alchemist roses - joined on the one stem, they present various stages of a roses beauty. One is in closure. Compact and holding it together until that moment comes, when it can "open up", and be magnificent. It is youthfulness in a condensed form. The other rose has had its "hey day" and is retaining a tainted beauty that reminds us of what it gave. It gives out a lazy sigh of vibrancy in its colour yet still slight pieces of the transition into departure are showing; a withered hue graces its petals. Two stages of "time" viewed within these blooms and held on a strong branch that keeps nourishing them both.

The motto here is: each period of time we live in; its timely transitions has a purpose. It has a unique resonance. Overlapping often in a way that although incomprehensible to us, it is supporting and allowing another time to develop, to expand.

Therefore, it doesn't matter in which moment you stand now; your physical and mental actions do create small ripples of change over time. Make them mean something by consciously being centred in a space of love always.

For your time line is not only lateral it is also transitional.

Your Korus

Tender Loving Care on a Daily Basis

How do you begin your morning? Do you say with a grateful heart thank you for waking up? Being able to experience another day living and practicing being the most wonderful and extraordinarily being you were born to be?  Here you see me out in the fresh air (on a frosty 1- degree morning!) enjoying the chance to walk with strength (running due to a permanent knee injury is now a thing in my past) and celebrating the immense possibilities I can draw upon in my life. Focusing on our present moment sets the tone for your day and hence your future. Being aware of our thought process allows us to gently guide ourselves to giving ourselves loads of Tender Loving Care on a Daily Basis (TLCDB). Uplift your disposition from recalling what is not, to what you can do.

To be grateful for your health, your vitality or ability to move about? Perhaps you have some aches and pains, restrictions or disabilities, yet bringing these to the foreground of your daily routine will not set an uplifting tone to the swing of your morning.

I am alive.
I can move.
I have inner beauty.
I am flexible. 
am ready to receive all that is needed to make my day the bestseller in my life!

Begin your day with “I am wonderful” and step forwards with power in your stride. Are you ready?

Your Korus

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear For his soul is already attuned; To the sounds that encase him Like a blanket that fits, Snuggly over ...