Monday, 30 May 2011

Morning rituals

We all have them.  Some need to follow a process that must never vary or they feel as if they got off on the wrong foot.  Others find that the synchronized steps they take during their morning procedure bring them into an established cycle, as if they are following an age-old path. 

Whether it be stepping out of bed with the left foot first. Having first a bite of your warm buttered toasted before the first sip of coffee or tea is taken. These morning rituals are what make us not only creatures of habit but also give us a form of stability.

In a fast and ever changing world that has us feeling at times as if an unseen hand is writing our destiny on a flip chart that's tuning over at an incredible speed; these morning steps of routine are to be embraced. 

They give us a moment of grounding. Of feeling centered within a world that throws us about at a dizzy pace. It is as if within this small space of time, we take hand of the control panel of life.
It is fleeting. Yet within these moments you are saying to yourself "you are the centre of your world."

When you embrace the essence of who you are with this strengthened stance you are then armored for the daily business of interacting with the outside world. Paying attention to the small details of your morning is a self-loving act; an act of self-preservation. Take time for such morning rituals.

Your Korus

a laughing stock!

We humans must sure be a laughing stock on the "Outer space Alien radio Channel". We all live on and share the same planet: its resources were made available to all in the beginning but something went drastically wrong. 

Only if you are born in an affluent land, do you perhaps have the chance to have clean drinking water.  Only if you have the chance to earn enough money to cover your health insurance, can you get a vaccination against the pig flu. Only if you went to the right school and choose the correct line of study, do you even have the chance of getting a job to help you survive the free world and all its "must haves".  

When will we finally get the message that our "insides" are all the same? Blood, internal organs, water, tissues, bones. To live we all require the same: food and water. To die we all experience the same: our heart stops. We are one!

It is only when we see that our colour, religion, the land in which we were born, our traditions and myths, and politics as well as all the other titles we like to grace ourselves with; are useless if we do not start to re-build upon what we have in common. Only then perhaps will we have the chance to survive as a species. I want to see our children have a better life. Not in the sense of cars, houses or processions but in the quality of the environment and their social interactions with other people of all races and nations. 

Star Trek was one of my favorite shows as a kid and its message of uniting the galaxy never seemed far-fetched to me but more of a challenge that I wanted to take on and achieve.  I wonder if it is going to be a pipe dream of mine or will I be able to see, the seeds of my aspirations, take hold before I too am “out there” tuning into the outer space channel and wondering if this Laurel and Hardy facade is real!

Your Korus

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ask and I will listen

Ask and I will listen

Listen and I will tell

Speak and I will answer

Be silent and I will contemplate 

The meaning of what you would have shared.

Your Korus

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bullshit comes in many forms

Oh bullshit comes in many forms. The lies written upon paper! Be it on the label of a food product or on the glossy pages of a magazine advertising the food item; we should all question even why we purchase the item in the first place. Is it because of the "jazzy" look surrounding it? Or perhaps the promise of what it can give us.

I stand by what I have for the last umpteen dozen years: eat fresh, buy regional and organic.  It helps you, the animals and plants we share this plant with. As well as, in the long run, your government whom are not going to be pulled up ten years down the track, to pay out in medical supplements for the 100´s of aliments that you have incurred due to the "fake" food substances you put into your body.

You say you can’t afford organic?  You have the choice.  If you can purchase every season a new wardrobe; fit out your house every few years with new furniture; travel on holidays that require you to go half way around the world from your home base; buy magazines weekly that are brushed over for one or two articles only; purchase knickknacks to decorate a table, bench or garden patch, which brings about only the need to dust it or scrub it down of mould, then you have easily the money for the organic produce that keeps your body; your own private health system running on a much natural track than when it is trying to deal with the artificial substances from genetic or artificial foods. Not to mention as well those floating around outside of it. An added bonus is also that you will eat less. Organic produce tastes so good, that you are not required to down a kilo of tomatoes to try and get "some flavour"!

Food should be made of ingredients that my great grandmother knew of. It doesn’t need to be kept ten days or a month before I eat it. If I make chocolate chip biscuits, I have brought from my local organic farmer eggs, from the holistic store butter, flour, sugar, baking powder, real vanilla bean and a 100% cocoa bean chocolate slap, to crush into chunks. These biscuits are delicious and last tops only two days in the cupboard because they are so good. You have killed the sweet tooth craving without over flooding are body with artificial substances that could take it months to deal with. Or perhaps first show their ugly heads year’s later in developing bodily aches and pains. 

As I say - you have the choice. Make it count.

Your Korus


There are thousands of people who just love using the word "someday" continuously in their speech.

They say ...

Someday I will think of where my electricity comes from.
Someday the tooth fairy will leave something under my pillow.
Someday I will find a cure for stupidity.
Someday I will perhaps be surprised by the human race
whom where so smart to invent the wheel;
discover a use for fire and
find the means to be able to fly
they never worked out how to solve
the problem of nuclear waste
once they found out how
to take uranium out of the rock!

I just do hope there even gives a "someday" for us.

Your Korus

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear For his soul is already attuned; To the sounds that encase him Like a blanket that fits, Snuggly over ...