Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bullshit comes in many forms

Oh bullshit comes in many forms. The lies written upon paper! Be it on the label of a food product or on the glossy pages of a magazine advertising the food item; we should all question even why we purchase the item in the first place. Is it because of the "jazzy" look surrounding it? Or perhaps the promise of what it can give us.

I stand by what I have for the last umpteen dozen years: eat fresh, buy regional and organic.  It helps you, the animals and plants we share this plant with. As well as, in the long run, your government whom are not going to be pulled up ten years down the track, to pay out in medical supplements for the 100´s of aliments that you have incurred due to the "fake" food substances you put into your body.

You say you can’t afford organic?  You have the choice.  If you can purchase every season a new wardrobe; fit out your house every few years with new furniture; travel on holidays that require you to go half way around the world from your home base; buy magazines weekly that are brushed over for one or two articles only; purchase knickknacks to decorate a table, bench or garden patch, which brings about only the need to dust it or scrub it down of mould, then you have easily the money for the organic produce that keeps your body; your own private health system running on a much natural track than when it is trying to deal with the artificial substances from genetic or artificial foods. Not to mention as well those floating around outside of it. An added bonus is also that you will eat less. Organic produce tastes so good, that you are not required to down a kilo of tomatoes to try and get "some flavour"!

Food should be made of ingredients that my great grandmother knew of. It doesn’t need to be kept ten days or a month before I eat it. If I make chocolate chip biscuits, I have brought from my local organic farmer eggs, from the holistic store butter, flour, sugar, baking powder, real vanilla bean and a 100% cocoa bean chocolate slap, to crush into chunks. These biscuits are delicious and last tops only two days in the cupboard because they are so good. You have killed the sweet tooth craving without over flooding are body with artificial substances that could take it months to deal with. Or perhaps first show their ugly heads year’s later in developing bodily aches and pains. 

As I say - you have the choice. Make it count.

Your Korus

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