Sunday, 3 July 2011

Are my ramblings of any worth

Sometimes I find myself reflecting over a passing thought, spoken word or a taken action and wonder why it all seems „second hand”. If I have the feeling this has been said before or undertaken a 1000 times in the past why on earth would any one be interested in reading my views upon the item in question. Perhaps I could put a sentence together that makes you see the situation from a “new” light. Or give you a  "oh" feeling, as in “from that angle I’d never thought to look at it”. 

Yet honestly who cares? Are my ramblings here of any worth?  Do they change your view or “help you see clearly now”? Actually since I have no ” followers” (degrading term coined by Goggle for those of you who register as readers of my side) it is of no value to anyone but myself what I undertake here on the little bit of cyberspace that I occupy. Self-therapy perhaps.  So be it for now.

So this is my springboard in coming to grasps with the fact I am a female whom is slowly slipping into the term “mufti” (which is something to do with mouth balls by the sound of it) and still feels eighteen within even if her boobs are showing otherwise. Sees she is coming to grips with some tackling questions on life’s purpose even when her adult children seem to think she is just as bewildered as they are at times.

Yet still I wonder what hides in the muffin I just ate at the coffee house. I wished upon a shooting star I spotted when I let the dog out for his pee last night and I believe if you save one life you save the world. So I wonder where all this will lead? I wonder.

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