Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Solitude - Solicitous - Silence

the state or quality of being solicitous.

showing consideration, concern, attention. 

concentrated direction of the mind.

the entity in an individual responsible for 
thought, feelings, and speech.

 the act or faculty of speaking. 
Speaking: to make verbal utterances.

relating to, or using words.

the state or quality of being silent,
the absence of sound or noise - 


Sometimes we have to venture into a situation that is out of our daily norm to experience the flip side of a coin. So it was for me in the past week as I ventured into a learning seminar for my Qigong Yangsheng in the surroundings of a monastery, where mindfulness was practiced with the implication of Silence. 

Not a word outside of the course room was to be uttered. One was to be mindful of the effect, this withdrawal from the outside world had on the inner space, of ones own mind. I experienced a strong awareness of the energies of the human emotional fields that intermingle with each and every one of us day in and day out. Not all where happy with this self enforced absence of sound. I found that practicing silence, while undertaking a teacher’s further educational course is not a combination I would choose again. Yet it mirrored for me that in every movement a pool of calmness lies awaiting to be savored.

While teaching requires reflection, you need to rely on your verbal communication skills to help a student acquire calmness within their movement. If only a look or nod could convey a message, then would this make us more attentive? Perhaps we would then be more aware of the moment when to practice being "solicitous" to others and ourselves.

Your Korus

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Reflection can take on many forms. 
I find that often it can make you 

to name but a few. 

Yet most of all it makes you look with critical eyes 
at yourself and where you are going.
It helps clear your view.

Your Korus

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