Sunday, 19 February 2012


Clarity is something you can not purchase in a store, wrapped up in a box.

It comes from standing still, taking a step back. 

Viewing the situation from another angle than that which your used to. 

Then you are able to see clearly what was,

what is and

what will be.

Your Koruswhsipers

Friday, 17 February 2012

Living within the moment is adrenalin pur!

Buddha formulated it as to not walk in the past or loose yourself in the future, as the present moment is here and now.

If Christ was to return today, Eckhart Tolle said he would probably say; “I am the Truth. I am divine presence. I am eternal life. I am within you. I am here. I am Now.”

Confucius hits the nail on the head with the statement: “If you have the desire to recreate yourself do it Everyday”.

None of the above refers to what was or what should be.  All are living within the second of each breath that is taken, as a totally whole, and in itself, complete moment.  It is a thought process I have been reading of, studying and in some aspects absorbing into my being, over my past forty-five years.  Since completing my teacher’s certificate in Qigong Yangsheng and conveying to my students a method of nourishing and caring for your own personal daily health in the mental, physical and spiritual sense; it has become even more personalized for me. 

I have this moment. It has already dissolved as I write these next words. In the time I am writing this, my thoughts are also trying to take over the moment.  Like a herd of monkeys swinging from branch to branch chattering loudly for attention, splitting the various “needs” they think await my action, into my moment and yet they are not actual part of what is now happening.  They are not within this moment.  Only I am.  With the ease of each breathe that is rising and falling within my diaphragm.

Therefore for the next 354 days until my next birthday rolls around, I am going to embrace the fact that I am here, breathing and living through the 46 years I have already gathered.  Each day, hour and minute will be lived with the pure pleasure of being.  If I view a moment as wasted, so be it.  As spoiled, so be it.  As passionately loved, so be it.  There will be no judging.  I will see the moments as part of making up of the life I live.  The person I am.  Most of all, I will focus on being as fully aware of the moment as best I can, with every fiber in my being. 

In the Shaolin temple all the novice monks are told upon the beginning of their training a parable about a man, who walking home from wood cutting in the mountains, senses a very strong presence bearing down upon him.  He turns his head backwards to see a mighty tiger, with eyes a glow, focused directly upon him.  He knows immediately of the tiger’s intent and begins to walk faster thinking perhaps he might just have the means to escape it.  Then he starts to run.  Yet this only brings him to an abrupt stop at the edge of an Abyss.  Turning around he sees the tiger gloating.  Looking forwards he sees the never ending decent, to the jagged stones below.  Death awaits him behind or in front of him.  His glance then turns down towards his feet where a small bush of wild strawberries grows.  There is one, rich red, wild strawberry growing amongst the vibrate green leaves.  He bends down and plucks the fruit.  Placing it in this mouth, he enjoys the sweet, intense taste of the ripe berry.  It is divine. To be savored now.  This moment is his alone.  No matter what the outcome is to be for his life no one can take away from him this last moment of pure magic.

In China there is a saying, which loosely translated, says “never wait until you have time”. 

I will not wait. 

I will live now.

In this exact moment.

Your Koruswhispers 

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