Tuesday, 13 November 2012

customs and traditions

We are constantly bombarded with the statement that the only way to communicate in the modern world of today, is with virtual media where we are then instantly informed and hence can react back in the same manner if so desired!  So what happens to our long held customs and traditions then such as sending Christmas cards?  How do they fit into this "have this instant, read now and then delete instantly" scene? 

During the Christmas season where the tradition of exchanging well wishes in the form of homemade cards made by the youngsters in the family on a rainy Sunday afternoon, with glitter and hand paints or the informative hand written letters that re-cap on the past years adventures of "little Johnnie" or "crazy Auntie Marge’s new project for 2013" are well looked forward to, does the email Santa greeting sing-a-long do the same thing for you?  Have these bonding rituals that are undertaken over mulled wine and mince pies a thing of the past, gone?

I am a modern woman (even if sometimes my keeping up with the times, takes time) but a part of me just loves the idea of the approach of Advent and being creative.  It is for me a time to reflect, think over where I have been and what I have gathered for experiences during the past year.  It allows me to reflect back on who has been a part of my life in the years I have lived to date. 

Whether these folk were or still are in contact with me now means no less that I view with a thankful heart what I could share with them and experience a little of their lives with mine.  So when I make my cards and write my letters, it is for me a ritual of acknowledging a personal contact that was created by my physically getting to know the one to whom I am greeting.  It is also time to reflect on something I did with my Nana when small, then watched my mother do each Advent season as a young teenager and have continued the womanly tradition into my own advent time - making cards and hand writing our news to family and friends.

It takes time.  I need to put aside space for this ritual.  That is good so because it allows my soul to mellow in the glory of what this season means!  I do not wish to “click” this activity away into the modern world and receive a “like” as an acknowledgment you got my post!

Your Korus 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

intuition´s whisper

How often do you follow through on what you think you should do against what you know you should do?  You ask, is there a difference here? Oh boy there is. It is called following your intuition's whisper. It’s that small voice within or that feeling in the gut or those goose bumps on the back of your neck feeling. That just knowing to wait with your decision making for perhaps another few days or get in now and grab the chance no matter what anyone else thinks because next year the only difference is, you will be a year older and not a year wiser. It is basically giving up the need to organize and plan, and instead take the moment to reflect on what it is you want and make time for that now.

This is definitely something I try to use more often than not but there is a slight change I wish to make in 2013.  I tend to plan in my minds eye all the odds and ends I would like to do, feel the need to accomplish or have a hidden drive to achieve.  Sometimes this inward batter can drive me bonkers.  It also has the tendency to be very hard to tune down or even shut off. 

This morning I practiced at least going more with “the flow” than usual with very nice side benefits too I must say.  As I slowly came out of my slumber I heard light raindrops beginning to fall outside which turned to a very heavy down pour with a short span of time.  This is definitely "stay inside and in bed weather" ran through my head, even though a touch of guilt also accompanied the thought. Yet that “but” began it’s complaining: but what about your lungs they need airing, but Pokie (my boarder collie) needs his walk, but you haven’t cleaned the house this week… but … my answer to “but” was “wait and see” what develops.

At eight the alarm from hubby went off telling him time to run, bike or swim.  Naturally swim was chosen due to the pearls from heaven falling outside.  I grabbed a coffee and some toast and headed back to the warmth of my bed.  Loaded with magazines I savored this morning ritual; very rarely done (trying to ignore the wet nose pushing at me from the side of the bed) and let “but” take note of what happens when you “wait”.  Oh and it was worth the wait: morning delight pure and afterwards reading Louise Hay’s saying of today, I peeled back the blankets and decided  “walking makes the bones strong and healthy”.  Pokie was thrilled; a dogs life can be very uncomplicated really, I felt invigorated and now as I see what has been accomplished by simply following your intuition's whisper. I will most definitely be part of my motto for the coming year.

Your Koruswhispers 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Take time to really see, hear and listen

Take time to really see, hear and listen. 

We are often reminded to do this but instead we just let the hint slip by.

Just the other day, while getting ready to go down to work my son rang and seeing his name appear on the phones screen I answered with "Hi, L what’s up?" His greeting was "Hello gorgeous woman!" I got a surprise and suddenly thought perhaps it wasn’t my son, as I understood, "Hi Georgie Wallop!" making me ask inwardly if this was L! He laughed and repeated himself. Now I felt flattered and silly at the same time for not hearing correctly the first time to what he had said.

Afterwards at work this phase kept going through my mind and made me feel within special, while dealing with some rather demanding guests. They actually didn’t bothered me as much as they normally would for I found myself looking at them with a loving heart because mine was itself, overflowing with feeling special.

My sons moment, of giving me some loving recognition, reminded me of how I am actually seen by him.  Of how special I am.  This was worth its weight in gold because it allowed me to see the treasure hidden within others and treat them as special to.

These little gems in time are always around us. We just need to become aware of them, acknowledge them and treasure them. Take time to do so. They make a wonderful memory necklace to string together and wear.

Your Koruswhispers

Friday, 2 November 2012

Which bend in the road

“Which bend in the road should I take?” This is from my favorite author; Lewis Carroll. It is found in a book I adored as a kid;  "Alice in Wonderland". These very wise words, said here by the Chester cat, I have taken them with me in my life's journey since the days I myself played Alice in the summer production of the "Mad Hatter’s Tea Party" way back in my boarding school years.

If I do not know the direction in which I wish to step then honestly does it even matter which bend in the road I follow. A bend in the road only means you might encounter something you would have over looked, had you taken the straight path.

So here is to not always knowing, where I am going. Sometimes reaching a junction that seems to not give me a clue, to what is waiting for me around the corner can be rather trilling. To at times not even know my own mind but finding my sanity in the process of walking, talking, questioning and looking along the way, is what life is all about.

 I might not know which way now but it will become clear as I walk my way and if not do I care?

Your Korus 

I am a woman of the world

I am a woman of the world, busty and lustily rounded.
Bearing the weight of injustices,
I stand firmly connected to the ground beneath my feet;
knowing that Mother Nature nourishes and cares for me, as I for my own.

I am a woman of the future, carrying within my womb the seeds of tomorrow.
My nurturing nature allows the youth of today to spread their wings and reach heights; I never dared to look up towards.

I am a woman of the present, making a difference by carrying the torch of intuitive understanding.
Forming and discussing how to interact with my fellow wo-man, 
to arrive at new solutions and produce inventive productive ideas.

I am a woman of extreme beauty in all my colours and forms,
with wrinkles and lines, folds and imperfections because I am content to be who I am.

Your Korus

62 days until the end

It is the 1st November 2012; 62 says until the end of the year. A time to and for reflection upon what was, what is and what could be.

The cupboards are filled with children's toys still, although they are long out of the house and most definitely do not need a bag of building blocks or skittles to help them throw the day. The drawers have birthday cards not sent or items ripped out from a magazine to be read at a later date lying still within them. The bookshelves seem over loaded with reading material that has long lost its value for the present moment I am in. So what to do?

Find new homes for the items by giving what you can away (the local church Christmas bazaar is coming up or the kindergarten always needs new toys) or time to burn old memories and release the energy bundled up in scraps of past kept.  Concert ticket stubs from 1983 hold really no value anymore.

Think perhaps yourself what you can do with all the other old odds and ends, which have been the kick off board once for something new but now have had their life usage by you.  It is time to sweep all that together and create a space for growth in 2013.

Your Koruswhispers

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear For his soul is already attuned; To the sounds that encase him Like a blanket that fits, Snuggly over ...