Friday, 28 June 2013

open your eyes to see change

What has happened to “open your eyes” recently? What makes you suddenly realize your on a totally different pathway or wave length than you where last year, two years ago or ten? Is it that you do not have the same friends or that you have changed your complete wardrobe. Perhaps you have taken on new eating habits or that you answer questions about yourself from a different stand than before? I feel that I experience change in a combination of both small and monstrous moments that open my eyes to what has moved within me or is perhaps about to. It could be as here in the above photo, when I noticed I pictured myself in a "new frame work" as a Qigong Yangsheng teacher, stepping into a new chapter of my life.

Change is often like a chameleon that disguises its self in such a manner, that until we see it has turned into a new colour, we do not even realize there is a difference in our lives, our actions, our thoughts or environment. We have been so used to our mindset that not until we are confronted, with a need to pull upon our resources in an unexpected situation, do we perhaps see we wish to handle the moment in a completely new manner. Then we ask ourselves how did that come about. When did we suddenly not be so judging or forceful in our views? What "opened our eyes" to seeing ourselves as well as those we live with differently?

Perhaps the change has slowly been taking shape as we race through life gathering "this and that" (slimmed down figure from a gym work out, new haircut to freshen up our look, new wardrobe to help conceal our aging body) which we believe will renew our present situation. These are the superficial changes only.  Change can suddenly stand there in front of us unexpectedly. It can creep up upon you like a thief in the night giving you a hell of a fright. You are asked to except a new "shade of thought" due to an abrupt end of a life cycle as in a death of a family member or friend. Or it is sneaky and weaves a web, slowly and with care so when you realize something is different you are not quiet sure what! You are pushed into being someone else. Showing us to be wearing a new "set of clothes", as we take on a new dimension of acceptance with our age. The world is in a constant change. We are pulled along with new ideas; told to believe and undertake new ways, as the circumstances that cause the change around us, move something within us.

Yet these are not the eyes opening changes I refer to. The real changes are those we personally mentally undertake. They require us to go down to the foundation of our being and re-build. The realization that you are responsible forever decision you make. With this fact comes the truth that you are capable of making decisions for yourself. Then follows your acting upon your action, with a confidence you stand exactly where you should be. It is our "coming of age" which has no specific time or age barrier. It can occur several times in a life time or once only. It is the awareness that you and you alone, are the creator of your world. It is a spark that is ignited by a moment you can recall with extreme clarity.

"I was seven years old. It was my first night alone at boarding school and I was totally lost. I had not yet come to grasps with the situation, that I was now to be living permanently miles from my parents, in a school that held me within its walls, day and night. Why did my parents suddenly want to give me up I cried inside me? Why could I not stay at home, learning school by correspondence? Why here? The room was in an old English villa. Bunk beds stood in rows, side by side. A storm raged outside on the grounds battering everything in its path. An old walnut trees branches where being bent down by the wind, hitting upon the windowpanes, scratching to get in. I lay in my bed with the blankets pulled tightly up to my chin, softly crying. I just knew it was really witches fingers that pulled at the door latch, willing it to open. Her scream was to be heard outside on the cusp of the wind and cackling throw the creaking of the old wooden walls behind my bed head. Suddenly she stood there before me. Hair net pulled over the few stray hairs that still clung desperately to a balding scalp. Her nose was so long, it reached like a hook under the blanket which my hands where trying hard to pull tighter around me. Her bony hand shot out and grabbed my shoulder with an iron grip, as she shook me till my teeth chattered. Her breath smelt of something rotten, coming in hot spurts as she said low and menacing; "Be quite now little girl. No one, ever, cries here. You will now be silent or else". My eyes where abruptly opened to the horrors of being left here in the witches lair, to be tortured for eternity." (An extract, out of my work in progress: "Memories of being once small")

This was my first experience, of the caring and loving environment of the Anglican Church of England all girls boarding school, into which my upbringing had been given. It reads like a horror tale. It has forty years after the event, still the same effect in my minds eye. It changed me instantly. I knew here, crying was not tolerated. Here, I was not to be heard. Here, I would not be given love. It changed me instantly, into planning how I was going to get over or through this new nightmare I had walked into, wide awake. It affected me to my inner core. I became iron strong in mind and body. I learnt to rely only upon myself for comfort or help. My change formed a foundation so set, that I had to learn to soften it and rebuild it years later; so as to once again go forward in life.

Perhaps the connections we have over the social media definitely ignite or help to foster the desire to change and redefine who we are. As well they are also a means of connecting to a maze of fascinating, loving souls we are prepared to share on a personal level their desires, wishes and hopes for change. This is why I write. This is the reason for my sharing. My words could help you form an idea, have an impulse to react, create a movement. Perhaps I might play a small role in what was perhaps once, a hoped for change in your life, allowing it to become a reality, as you feel the universe supporting you through pictures, poems, statements or affirmations from your "human social media family".  

While change is the hand, that takes the key of chance and places it in the lock of awareness, so you are the player of your own tune, when you step through the doorway of new possibilities.

Your Korus

Photo: taken by Birgit-Cathrin Duval / bcmpress

Thursday, 27 June 2013

nut or bug type

The story of a nut and a bug: Both were sitting in the same tree. The nut was just hanging around with his buddy waiting to grow up. Then he could finally jump down to see what cool things were going on below. The bug had only the intention to wait, until he caught his breath, before flying high up above into a new adventure. 

"Nuts why would you want to get down? Only losers go backwards. You will not find any potential to spread your wings rolling around on the ground. You want to fly up to the sky like me!" 

"Buggies you might have wings but I will put down roots when I hit the ground and one day your grandchild will sit on my leaves, resting as you do now. Down on mother earth I get the nourishment I need to reach upward to the sky for all eternity! I will be of this world and of that in which you fly".

When do you think only one direction is the way to go because you see along a straight line, not noticing the possibilities available, if perhaps you were to take several turns instead?

Your Korus 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Light and dark; dark and light

Light falls where it is needed we think, yet so much that should be seen to make the picture tell the full story, is left hidden in the shadows. Our first instinct is to stay in the light. While our inner voice wishes to lead us down into the depths, where the vital essence of life lies, awaiting to be savoured. Make the movement, brush past the light and reveal to yourself the unseen, where treasures lie awaiting you.

Many feel that you should only be standing in the light, following the light or living in it. Be this in a spiritual sense - a follower of a specific religion, which could recite, “Why are we born from darkness in the womb, into the light of this world, if not to show us it is the natural process, we as human beings need to undertake, to be reborn again?” Or in a physical sense - a follower of a certain eating regime that recites meat eaters as barbarous killers and stealers of our precious resource of water hence Vegan is the only true way to live. Or in a mental sense - a follower of certain life practices requiring hour long meditations which when carried out are then said to lift you up to enlightened levels beyond that of your fellow man. 

No judgment intended here on any of the above mentioned, I give them only as examples; just I do not see everything in so “black and white” terms. For me it is more than highlighting only one non-color to put a damper upon the other. There is not a right or wrong situation, choice or stand to take on only, rather a passive coexistence of both. In which often in the crossover or shading of the one colour, we find a definition that can “uplift” or “highlight” what we require to step toward. To develop further, a part, within yourself. Take on a responsibility for what we do on all levels of existing.

What is cast with a shadow or seen to be dark has immediately the terms sinister, dangerous or unclean placed upon it. To develop and go further from the given mindset that we have been raised with or taken upon us during our life’s journey, requires a connecting once again to the wisdom inside of you whom knows what is right and wrong and what you should do. Being kept in the dark can cause you to not know to what heights you can reach. Having always your head in the clouds can mean you never get to know the joy of being connected to solid ground. Allowing time to go into your hovel and dream means both aspects are combined. Darkness and light; protection and hope and grounding and possibilities. Combinations which when put together create new pathways for us individually and as a part of humanity to walk upon.

Acknowledging that which is seen has another side to it, which is not. Both are needed for an equal balance. Take what was growing here under this leaf in the photo above as an example - the beginnings of the summer fungi "Cantharellus cibarius", commonly known as the Chantalle and most sort after (in this region) and delicious edible mushroom. It requires the filtered light for growth yet also the damp shadiness for nourishment to grow. Required here is light and dark, a co-existence of both elements. Given only one element, such as full light, would stunt its growth not help it. Their growth requires two shadings.  To even see this fungi hidden underneath though we must push the lightened leaves aside for a view into the darkened space below where they hide! Only looking will not bring a result. Our movement has two actions – view from above and move to below for seeing the treasure. 

The universe shows us the way with day and night or night and day. The shading is dusk to dawn or dawn to dusk. The cross over is magical. It has us trying to capture it on film. Recall it with poetry. Bring it to life on canvas. It is the moment of the dance between light and darkness that a small flame is ignited and creates a fire of which the embers burn long after they have died out, in our memories eye. This dance requires both parts of a cycle of time. Without the one the other cannot expand and be or reach the highest levels of all it can be.

Open the curtains of your mind to allow light in on ways; thought patterns, mannerisms you thought where written in stone and see if the shades created, reveal hiding spaces that could have treasures waiting there to be discovered. Perhaps they might free you up to reaching levels within yourself you never knew where possible. 

From the dark depths 
of my soul
 came the cry 
to reach upwards
 towards the sky
I released it
it expanded
 and became 
a bird of paradise
 for all to see 
at the light 
which shone 
within me.

Your Korus 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer is here

Thoughts fly by in my mind, at such a rate, that I often feel there is never enough time for them to be recorded. Yet they can in a fleeting moment, pave the way for me to spontaneously take on a new direction. Do a 360° turn about to what I previously thought was the way to go. Causing me to suddenly as many would term “turn over a new leaf”. I actually like to think of them more as “instant visualizations” in which I suddenly realize just take one step after another - continuously. To stop stumbling or running at a pace that is only causing me to loose my balance inwardly and outwardly. Just instead stride!

That happens to me always when I am confronted with the first real day of summer. This is not the calendar marked summer that tells me where the moon, stars and planets are in relation to one another and us. Nor is it the schedule laid out when holidays should be booked due to schools closing their doors down for a six-week pause. Nor the seasonal food-timetable stipulating when the asparagus season ends and regional strawberries and cherries should be filling your fruit bowl upon the kitchen counter.

For me it is the moment when I step outside in the morning and smell the tantalizing aroma of possibility upon the air. The thought that suddenly anything goes.  Could it be the first whiff of the wild Jasmines scent drifting towards me, which causes this? Or is it more the uplifting call of the forests birds letting me know I will need the lightest of clothing covering me, when I venture out for my morning jog as the air is already laced with the promise of heat.

I experience this first moment of summer always as a heady rush. It has the feeling as if I am about to still pull the wool sweater over my head and it is suddenly snatched from my hands. Being replaced with light cotton skirts, flowing blouses and open sandals. I can let my hair down and wear daisy chain strands upon my head. My face glows from the flush of the sun upon my skin and my step becomes lighter by the minute. I need nothing more to coach a smile to my lips than this heady sensation of being allowed unconditionally to enjoy life. To literally have the feeling I am drowning within the moment of happiness itself. Simply enjoying that I am living now.

You not able to relate to what I say here? You find there is nothing that pulls you out of your winter gloom? When your eyes feast upon the opening of the first red poppy do you not yourself feel your heartbeat increase? Your blood pulsing, surging through your veins, giving you the impulse to just let loose. Not to stop.  Not to think or stand still. Only to jive, and to move. 

Reflect a moment what happens to you when a ray of sunshine unexpectedly falls down upon your skin. Its warmth uplifts your mood and you inwardly smile, raising your face to the sun in the sky. Just for fun think over what makes your heart skip an extra beat. Is it a snowflake falling from a cloudless sky? A child’s giggling laughter, which you only hear but not see? What gives you a boast to break out of your daily routine spontaneously extending a friend an invitation to brunch - is it the smell of freshly cut grass? Is it the breaking open of the first lavender blooms that makes you want to take a glass of chilled Chablis and dream of wandering the lavender fields in France?

Our senses are the receptors for the outwardly impulses we receive from an unspoken level. A world that exists without our influencing it yet it is here for us to share in.  To motivate us to re- think our direction. We might try to disrupt Mother Nature with a “know better” attitude. Yet she will always have the upper hand by presenting us with the smallest of gestures, to prove how the opening of a rose pulls our heartstrings to unknown lands into which we gladly step and rejoice, for it is these small precious moments in which we know then where we stand. Upon a stepping-stone that will take us to a place where we can experience something grand. 

Summer is here.  I am being tantalized by a thousand thoughts about what I want to do. I reach out to her now... you to?

Your Korus

Clean up your mess first

This shot was taken of an old house on the edge of a public car park. It fascinated me. I began wondering exactly who lived within these falling down broken walls. Had they already abounded the place. By the looks of the items half hanging, half leaning on the balcony I really had a hard time envisaging that someone could call this home. It seemed as if everything had just been left at a moments notice to decay within itself over an undefined period of time.

If we decide to pack up and leave a situation that no longer fits our lifestyle or life view, do we clear up first the mess we have created? Should that which has been piled unwillingly upon us, be then our "rubbish issue"? Are "unfilled promises" left for time to hopeful swallow them up not to be seen or heard of again?

Compositions of words saying “start today the life you want to lend tomorrow” are great for a motivational push perhaps but for me they oversee a very important point. If you do not clear out the scraps and items of collected waste you have lying about in your life before you “break out” they will continue to drag you backwards.

My girlfriend has a heavy foot on the road when driving. Last time we meet she stated that from now on she was not going to speed in the inner city as her license was in jeopardy. This was great to hear. Yet she had so many outstanding unpaid fines, the choice would probably be taken out of her hands before she could turn over her new leaf! She had not taken care of her “mess” (payment of her fines) first before deciding to be responsible behind the wheel.

At times when a health issue is still having a niggling hold on our full recuperation from an aliment, even though we have chanced our eating and exercise habits, we need to know why perhaps we got out of balance in the first place. Often we should look back over the last few months to see what has been happening in our lives. To see if a clue lies somewhere hidden there. It can be but a small item that when put back in order allows healing to take place. Perhaps we had an emotional shock while being extremely tired and began to overload on caffeine to “keep our wits about us at all times”. This in turn could throw your blood pressure out of sink hence your heart makes itself known by pulsing an extra beat. Clearing up the "shock from the emotional wound" is your rubbish issue. Then you can move forward towards full health.

Figuratively speaking, the outwardly items left hanging need to be cleared away completely, so that the inside can be renovated. 

Running away from what you have used, abused or disregarded is like playing with matches by the mouth of a dragon. As long as he is sleeping you have a fake sense of safety but if he awakens and breathes out fire, you are instantly alight. Then you had better know how to extinguish the flames before you get burned.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Live today

It is a new glorious day 
upon which you have not yet 
written a word. 

The scene is set. 
The spaces have been filled in 
with energizing color’s from the ground up. 

Soft browns for stability and hold. 
Lush greens for growth and potential. 
Vibrate blue for clarity and space. 
A wisp of white for kindness and hope. 

Now you can place your shades of colour into the set 
Have it become your own stage for your life. 
Be artistic. 
Be alive.
Be all you can be in your own play. 
Live today! 
And remember always
I love you. 


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thought for tonight

I could not say it in any other words really but if I was to try then "perhaps stop running after a god or image that requires you to only live after the cave man punishment law of "you done bad, you get punished, me not happy with you, pay me price for bad deed and then maybe me feel bit better!" and take on the style of we all want the same things so wake up - share, help, love, forgive, try to get on with your fellow man." I do not love everyone, it is not required but I would never let any man, woman or child starve, kill, be raped, be abused, have no hope, never know tenderness, feel life is one long punishment only. I have a task in this life. It is not to be quite. I have come on the edge of being "taken out". "Death" - she has a quick appearance and she doesn't ask twice if you agree to her timing. Stop telling me I need to believe in one way, live on one track, take on one side. I raise my hat to every religion that wakes up to the fact we must work together for our survival not against one another!


Monday, 17 June 2013

The Gift

Today I had a wonderful surprise when I went to teach my Scots lass (Scottish girl) the fun and games of the German language and how to speak it like the locals. I teacher spoken German to English speakers, who have just moved to Germany and need to get a foot hold in the language, asp. We are now starting to get into the nitty gritty of grammar which is often the time you do not want to keep going. Your confronted with the long lost understanding of the rules, cases and how to do’s of your own language which all just fell into place as you where a child. Now somehow they seem to have made a vanishing act when as an adult you should know what you say and why you do. Yet here am I asking her to be able to place with ease the adjectives, verbs and nouns into sentences of indirect speech, present participle or the infinitive.  Even I have difficulty getting my grey matter around the facts at times. So what was my surprise you ask?

A chocolate bug. An edible one. A simple gift that referred back to a cartoon I gave her of a cockroach asking the waiter if he could have another fly in the soup please! It was to remind us that at times perhaps what we ask for in one language is a totally different ball game in other. Yet a gift is a gift no matter in which language we speak or where we live. It represented a moment’s thoughtfulness from one party to another. My students appreciation of my teachers efforts to help her "fit in like at home" here in Germany.

What do you think a gift is? Must it be something that is tangible or can it be spoken or felt? How often are you open to giving a gift without expecting anything back? Do you realize a gift when it does not come wrapped in paper and string? I feel so many of us have forgotten the enriching art of giving items we cannot put a price tag on! Sadly I see this as also meaning we miss out on the enriching, entwining of human contact, on various levels such as comfort, compassion or healing.

What is a gift? An item of undefined value that is passed from me to you, with the hope of giving pleasure to both parties involved. Could that fit the answer to the question perhaps? Do you need a reason for giving the gift, as in to celebrate an event such as a birthday, a commercial event like Valentines Day or an anniversary in which both parties have taken part? I strongly feel a gift is possible to give on the spur of the moment. Therefore for me it is not a requirement to have a pre-set reason.

Yesterday in my restaurant that I own and run with my husband, was a table of three who shared with me the pleasure they where experiencing dining by us, in a very painful moment of their lives. They had just recently lost their niece and granddaughter. She had with fourteen taken her own life. I have at the entrance of the restaurant on glass shelving various wooden angels (from Willow) representing compassion, love, hope and other emotions. The grandmother had in her hand “Happiness” – a small girl standing tall and raising her arms out to her side. Sitting on her arms are three birds. Exactly this same small angel had been given to the parents, by the grandmother, as a small memory of beauty in a very painful moment in their lives. They had decided to get a replica made for their daughter’s gravestone. The elderly lady stated she just still had such difficulty understanding the whole chain of events to the death of her granddaughter, even the simple why?

Must a gift be something that is tangible or can it be spoken or felt?  I decided to share with her a deep belief I have that often when a situation seems to us so confusing and senseless it is actually bearing a hidden gift. This gift can be so painful at the moment we are given it, yet in time the gift can heal or allow for a change that never would have been possible without it haven been given. When a young person dies so early perhaps we can look at the soul choosing this pathway for another to be able to go forward. The grandmother looked over at her daughter and son-in-law and said: “She just said what I thought when I gave this to your sister but I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t even write any words to this figurine. I just gave it.” Then turning to me she said; “ What a gift it is to be here today so my unspoken words can be spoken out aloud.”  I too through her words had been given also a gift – gratitude.

Do you realize a gift when it does not come wrapped in paper and string? A gift is perhaps as in my experience yesterday showed the
G iving
I nstantly
F reely
T ime or tenderness.

Let not the moments of giving only be commercial initiated.  By freely giving to others whom we encounter as we go through life, we are rewarded with gifts of unaccountable value. They are the gifts we hold and treasure in our hearts.


Saturday, 15 June 2013


There is a song that has stuck it’s self in my head since watching “The Angels Share”  (super English film) from the “Proclaimers” who pronounce that they would walk 500 miles to get to your door and would give almost every penny to you. The “almost” has me!  I am hooked with my finger on the repeat button. Here let me tell you why.

Often I have thought yep now I am going to finally learn “Greensleeves” on the guitar before I am not able to strum any more. So I book lessons on my only day off. Get myself to the class at the hour in which I would rather be soaking in the bath, with a great book and glass of sparkling, candles burning, soft music playing from the CD player on top of the toilet lid (my bathroom is small and every item is utilized as a holder of other items!) but here I am instead “fulfilling a dream”! It lasts twelve weeks.

 I come often home so excited I could strum “Twinkle, twinkle little star” then suddenly my world falls apart. We have been given a piece that requires I can read music. You see to date it has been chords and finger positions.  These I have learnt with vengeance. Now I am required to know musical scales and sight-reading of notes. No one told me this would be easy but I felt how hard could it really be to get to play Greensleeves on my guitar strings?

Maybe it needs to be in your blood! My family is musical. Not just “can do” but rather “lets shine” type of talent. Piano is my daughter’s forte, French horn our sons and Darls has not only the Violin at his fingertips but his Tenor voice has training behind it. Me, well I am not! I tried at boarding school to keep the piano lesson sessions as a regular part of my weekly schedule but I am not sure if the teacher asked me to leave or I said I was going – musical discipline and me seem to be on different planes. I just have a slight inbuilt aversion to retaining the abc´s of the musical language.

I almost just about have it I feel then it all falls apart when I want to show my progress to my clan. “What are you trying to do there Mum?”… “We have gone over this so often Koru. Shall we go down to the piano and I could play along with you? It might help” or  “Do you want to tell me again what it is your playing just so I have an idea what I should think I hear?” arrrhhhhh.

I almost have it. I just need some more space to get the timing right, place my fingers on the chords, read the bloody notes without my reading glasses! Honestly why is this simple desire to play a tune I have adored since I was a tiny tot so difficult. Why is it I cannot learn the basics of something so beautiful. Music expresses how we feel. It speaks to the embers within us that lie smouldering for our dreams to be revealed. I have it in my blood. I can move to it sensually.  From ballet to jazz dance to aerobics I have rhythm in my body.  Anyone can see it yet I cannot bring it out from my fingertips over the chords on my guitar!

I almost had it for twelve weeks. Now the guitar sits gathering dust on a stand in a corner of my study. I tried even Internet lessons but they only were watched from a cosy chair. Kept saved under “wanted” for another era. It almost became reality to play “Greensleeves" on my guitar. I almost had the way there down pat but then I caught up to myself and realized it was just going to be put off for another day. There is more to strumming the strings of a guitar than finger movement and humming tunes.

I almost fulfilled my dream. Just some groundwork failed when I was a child. No one taught me my musical notes and as an adult I seem to have trouble as hell to get them in my brain. Is there any hope for me to perhaps strum along to my own tune one moonlight lit night? I could almost see myself playing the main chords to "Greensleeves" in another time… need only to get the movements right!


Friday, 14 June 2013

Note to self

"Note to self":

Let "segmenting" or "grouping" your time 
into departments 
for this and that,  
have no role on your positive out look,
in life. 

This is what I remind my Qigong Yangsheng students on Mondays after their weekend of "sinning and fun" because they come with all this need to rebalance for the week ahead. I call it their own personal wellness hour in which they tank energy before taking on the business week. 

I say each day is a precious gift, given to us to turn over a new leaf if we want to. Yet I like also believe that every moment in which I am aware of what I am doing, is just as energizing. Not only on Monday morning should they me present and aware of their bodily needs. I can embrace that which I am on the weekend just as much as during the week or at mothers group or at the tennis club match. Segmenting my health time into a ninety minute gap once a week wont bring the same value to my life as learning to practice an aspect of my health plan while sitting in a traffic jam, standing at the counter waiting to pay, listening to a colleague give a seminar. 

If what they learn once week by me can be put into action instantly in their daily lives for five minutes then the feeling bad after a weekend of "letting go" is not a state anymore. There is no more "time for fitness" and "time for getting back to fitness" as I know I am always on the path to maintaining my inner health, in the best possible way I am able to, with every breath I take. 

The applying my weekly exercise regime into the steps I take daily in life brings me into a healthy plain permanently. Love and hugs!

Your Korus 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I read, read, read whatever I can get my hands on, whenever a spare moment gives me the chance. Waiting for guests to come into the restaurant, between making the coffee and then writing the bills, in the bath relaxing, snuggled up under the blankets when it’s pouring with rain outside. There is one book though that I just must read out in my garden, under our walnut tree when I take it out to look at!

"Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll was given to me as a child for Christmas from my grandparents in 1972. In the summer holidays when I stayed with them Nana always read a chapter to me while we sat under their walnut tree, in her garden. Sipping on self-made cold mint iced tea she brought the world upon the pages to life as I listened while watching butterflies dance on the poppies or bees savour the nectar of the orange tree flowers blossoms.

It has pride of place amongst the books, in the section of my bookshelf, that tell a tale of who I am. Even though I have two grown up children I could never have passed it on to them, as it is a part of my history. I read from it to them as they where tiny tots but it belongs to me! To my past of dreams and hopes that where woven together into the adventures of one white rabbit and one small girl who always questioned and queried why. 

I was no different as a child and would be often told with exasperation from adults; “Honestly child you do not have to put everything you read or hear into question. It is just how it is without trying to find some other meaning behind it young lady”. This signalled to me immediately that either the adult responding had actually no idea whatsoever about what they where trying to tell me, or it showed me that they actually wanted to hide something.  Hence it made me only look harder for the true answer. I feel that is the lesson I learned from Alice and her adventures. She did not let a small mishap of shrinking after she ate too much or being told “off with her head” by the Queen of hearts when she answered back, to put her off searching for the true answer to her question. The answer that she felt deep within to be the correct solution to her quest was always just waiting to be understood.

This small girl with her question of why still plays a role in my present now. If I feel a given direction, in an established system I have undertaken, to be dissatisfying, I ask "why?". Just because it states in the instructions the way to go about cooking this recipe is so, does not mean I cannot substitute items with other ingredients. If learning to run a marathon is set out in a twelve-month plan in a well-known running manual it does not mean I cannot take out only pieces of the information, applying it to my life style. I can choose what I take to be my truth. I have the ability to weight up the pros and cons of accepting what I read or am told. I am able to ask why should I listen, accept or take on this new information as my way.

At the end of the day I am responsible for the choices I have made. My body, mind and soul are my heirlooms. The way I care and treat them now will be how they look after me in my future. They are given to me in a healthy state at birth for which I am responsible to nourish and care for them during my life time. If they decay the question why can only be directed solely at me. Therefore if I ask why it is because I realize that from the various questions and answers I get as a response, I can make a decision that I benefit from in the long run. It might drive the person I am asking slightly crazy but I am then able to say with confidence to the answer perhaps “Who cares for you? You’re only telling me a pack of lies. Off with your head or good riddance instead!” Or if I want to take the answer with me I can add it to my pack of cards for the next round I am dealt and perhaps play a better game because of what I hold in my hand!

Life is all about asking "why now" so we never have to say later “oh if only I had”.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

You little devil you

You little devil you
avoiding capture
quick as a snake
slicing throw space
striking out of no where
engulfing all within your lightening embrace
bewitched I have become
leaning ever closer in
wanting just another view
of the power you hold within

I know of the danger you bring
I feel your light wash over me
yet I can not bring
myself to leave your side
hoping any second to feel again
the power you possess 
brush over me
holding me a little longer by your side
thrilling me inside
You little devil you.


Daydreams are not for the weak hearted

“The sunbeams are out in full force today to dance upon your hair and bring laughter to your heart! It is the moment now to open your arms to the warmth they freely give and be filled with joy. It is a magical morning and anything is possible. It is a new day. The first day of the life you wish to live now. Go for it. Swirl around, raise your song, open up for heart and be alive. Love yourself. You are worth it.” These where my daydream thoughts last week, upon embracing the morning after standing up to undertake a new “earth day”.

There are times of the day for play, other hours require working yet it is the moments in which we dare to dream that we really live! No matter whether you are living your day in a fog of confusion or on a plane of clear definition never forget to daydream. It is the essence of developing possibilities that have not yet been born. 

Daydreaming is what we adults have to bring us back to the childhood delight of believing all is there for the taking – we only need to reach out for that which we desire. No one has yet told us to first ask or pay for that which we see as being already ours.

As a child we do not assume that all is not there for everyone to enjoy and receive. Only as we are raised my the adult mind do our options suddenly become limited and narrowed to be filed away under titles of – needing an education first, requiring money, bring talent with then, grow up first, follow the rules, do not go off the path or believe in this way then you will receive. Such terms stunt growth. They block productivity. Comments of requirement have no means for walking along new frontiers.

I daydream with a passion. I soak in the realities of my inner films and gain both inspiration and hope from the pictures in my mind. Maybe if I shared them with you there would come straight away judgments, so called helpful comments or blockades for me to deal with. Sadly that is the adult mindset of a lot of people today. All great thinkers only saw the “how to apply” their visions not why or when!

Allow yourself the privilege to daydream because it gives you the chance to walk in the footprints of giants and taste something you have yet to live in your future. From these electrifying images come the impulses to take a stand for you and your life. Daydreams are not for the weak hearted. It is for those, whom want to change themselves, embrace their moment and hence impact the world.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

small steps to springing

Daisies everywhere
dripping with bubble bees
Butterflies flying high in the air
 fluffy white clouds floating in the sky
Birds singing in glorious chorus
 tall grass swishing around my knees
These are just a few of my favourite things
As I look at all the magical possibilities around me
My heart bounces with joy
At this day that has been made for
Us to enjoy

You may begin the first day, of the new life you design for yourself, right now.

Do it with large doses of love, care and compassion towards the person you are. With all your bumps, edges and uneven lines that make you unique, standing there looking back at you from the reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Small steps bring you to an inner balance quicker than larger strides. They allow you to take in a long breath. They give you time to look at yourself from deep inside with care. To feel the ground beneath your feet upon which you stand.  Small steps give you the chance to skip as you go along, making the process so much more enjoyable.

Begin skipping here and now for rebalancing your mind, body and soul. Your inner child will love the fun experience. Your adult self will be intrigued at a change of pace. Your wise one will have a soft smile upon its lips in regards to your new understanding. They will join together in a circle and dance with you at the pleasure of just being here, by your side, on this magical day.

Being in the moment now requires you to only take small steps with which you can skip and spring with ease!


The Listener

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