Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My one blissful day off

I adore my one-day off a week blissful Tuesday. It is the day that I spoil myself and choose with care what I undertake to do. It was not always the case but over time, I have realized that if I allow my senses to be tantalized and cared for, with stimuli that I love then I am balanced for the workweek ahead. A by-product is also that my family and friends benefit from the increased energy of a woman in her prime and not a frantic, washed out work junkie!

Perhaps you wonder how does one prepare a day for wrapping yourself up in arms of love and doing what you want to do? To start with you must let all know that it is your day off. This is the hardest part and often difficult to carry through at first. Most especially when you run your own business. It will take time to sink in. Just last week I had a winery that wanted me to come by to pick up wines on a Tuesday afternoon. The female boss of this house is aware of “my day” but the male counterpart has the tendency to forget.  A firm but pleasant reminder that I had plans for “me” today and could we settle on a time tomorrow, brought up the response; “Oh yeah its your day thing. Um, I forgot; sorry slipped my mind. Are you going to the movies? Mmm. I could bring it by instead tomorrow afternoon. How would that be?” My response, “perfect!”

Even amongst your friends, the fact that you have at the start of their week, your free day and are never available for parties, birthday celebrations, weddings or just having fun, on their weekend, never really sinks in. One has to always hear the, “Oh, yeah your working. I forgot”. The secret here is to not get your stomach in knots with frustration but to plan your own get togethers at times that suit them and can be still enjoyed by both. A Saturday afternoon’s coffee and cake break is rather nice before a full house in the evening. Or a Sunday night party can work if you have prepared all before working at lunch time and have no Qigong class to teach the next morning. Then the occasional “closed” because we are celebrating life never hurt anyone either. The joy at being at the best friends wedding can only be lived now. Recapping the love through photos is not the same unless you can tell the stories too.

So you have to prepare. You need to speak up. You need to be flexible when preparing a day in which you play number one.  And you better know what the heck it is you want to do as well otherwise twenty-four hours flies by like the wind and you are already opening the door to Wednesday.

I love getting up early so as to watch the sunrise. Throwing open the windows and breathing deeply the air into my lungs knowing I have another day to live. I love having a double, strong black coffee and check in on my social media. Cuddling with Poks. Pondering on our trail run route. I love breakfasting with my Darls and checking in on what he has planned today and then I can begin placing into my day little things of pleasure. One of them is cooking something scrumptious for lunch. Soul food begins by planning the dish in my minds eye and then knowing I will have time to immerse myself in every moment in which I cook up a storm. Often my family are not so thrilled at what I choose but then there are always alternatives for them in the fridge!

Today it was an Arborio risotto with lashings of Parmesan cheese accompanied by chucks of the pumpkin 'Queensland Blue'; an Australian variety, which has sweet almost treacly roasted flesh. I allowed dribblings of Lemon Infused Virgin Olive Oil to grace the surface and freshly ground pepper gave it the finishing touch. A Red oak leaf lettuce salad with cucumber, button mushrooms and sprouts balanced the meal perfectly. Just over an hour to cook and polished off within fifteen minutes, it almost seemed wastefully careless only the residue of the meal showed, it was enjoyed to the last bite.

Now the day continues with a contentment that holds through till the last rays of sun disappear behind the horizon and I know whatever I do now is just adding angel’s dust to what was a perfect day. Not much was really done. But what was accomplished was with care to detail. That is the other trick to getting a day just for you. Compromise not on quality, just leave out the quantity and bring quite moments of pleasure into your life by being aware. Of your needs; of what gives you satisfaction and learn how to put that into action.

A day off should be like a miniature holiday, in which you take time to re-tank, re-store and re-generate the batteries for the coming other six days of work. Sometimes it can just mean you need to close your study door to get what you want and there is nothing wrong with that either.

Your Koruswhispers

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