Monday, 21 April 2014

Korus Easter Branch (3)

Korus came once more to sit down under the trees shade and listened intently to what the birch tree spirit had to say. Exactly she thought, how simple it was. Now it would be the perfect gift, which she brought to the table on Easter Sunday. Korus legs could hardly run quick enough home, to begin putting the finishing touches to her idea.

As she reached her house she bounded up the stairs two at a time, going straight to her desk and pulling out various sheets of coloured paper, from which to cut out her paper leaves.  Then gathering her pencils, she sharpened them ready for tomorrow. She worked intently on her project until she was satisfied all was ready. Putting all the items needed together in a wicket basket, Korus laid it ready at her bedroom door. Her words would have a way of becoming something of meaning now; that she was sure of.

The Easter Sunday table was splendidly decorated with the homemade coloured eggs they had made, lush spring bouquets from the garden and the special gifts all had brought to exchange later in the day - little jars of violet jelly from Aunt Mary, bags of Turkish Delight from the Brown family, a basket of coloured ribbons for all the girls hair and a basket of mixed marbles for the boys from Nana, custard tarts from Mr Ploughman, a hand written poem about the story of Easter from her sister to be read out later and chocolate Easter bunnies from Mum and Dad. Only Korus´s item was missing. “Korus what have you brought sweetheart to our festive table today? I do not see what has kept you so busy in the forest and up in your room all day yesterday?” asked Nana.

“I have it here,” said Korus pulling out with gusto from underneath the table, a birch branch and laying it over her plate, knocking at the same time several items left right and centre as it spread itself out. Her sister sniggered thinking, “oh here we go, she has brought the forest with her.” “And I have the leaves here and a basket of pencils,” stated Korus with a wide grin from ear to ear. “Mmmm, so what is this exactly Korus?” asked her father. “It is my Easter Branch Dad.” “We see that silly,” said Korus sister, “your own personal piece of a tree” and flopped back into the chair in fits of laughter. “Susan enough now. Korus please explain it to us. We are following you, just not understanding”.

Korus then explained what she hoped would be a new way of grasping the essence of Easter. The time when life is given for eternity and all should be experiencing joy, hope, compassion and most of all love for all of human kind. “This is how my gift works. I have here a birch branch. The spirit of the birch in the woods told me that when the huge glaciers of the last ice age receded the birch trees were the first to re-colonise the rocky, ice-scoured landscape. That is why in botanical terms the birch is referred to as a pioneer species. The birch spirit said she asks from her ancestors that we in a philosophical form (unknowing or not) plant roots in new soils at this time of celebration. A bit like taking on a new way of doing something. So I was allowed to take from her a branch because it is a symbol of renewal or rebirth in creating from life a new life.”

All were listening intently to Korus. Nana thought it is not only my brain that holds limitless information but this little poppet does to.

“Now I have here different coloured paper leaf shapes in a basket and a basket of coloured pencils. I want each of you to take one, from each basket. You are to write the word that most describes how you see, live, feel or experience Easter on one side. Is it a time of joy, then that is your word; is it suffering, then you have your adjective. Now what could this word mean to someone whom has never heard or read it before? How do you describe that Easter is for you compassion? Lay your paper leaf in the middle of the table and allow someone else here to write how they would answer that if you cannot. I will do the first one. My word is distrust. So many people distrust one another’s beliefs. For me it means I am unable to see over the edge of my plate to my sisters because I am worried she has more roast lamb than I do. So distrust means, not believing another cares for me enough to see that I too have enough. That is what I would write on the back of my leaf. This is actually a powerful metaphor for how we then live our lives. Once we have all written our words and placed their meanings on the back of the paper leaves we then are going to tie them onto the birch tree branch.

This is then a special moment as we then hang it from the ceiling above the table, for each leaf to flutter in the breeze of our breathing and as in the Celtic legend the branch will sing: "Shine, take hold, express your creative expanse, light the way so that others may follow.” For a birch trees essence, is to create a way to bring together our dreams and prepare new patterns of living. These paper leaf words and their meanings grow upon the branch, gaining strength. We are but one branch with a group of words and definitions, yet if another family does the same at Easter we become two groups longing for harmony as one species upon this earth. A branch, joined together with thousands of others becomes a tree that spreads roots and reaches high into the heavens creating a massive, robust tree of life. A tree that nourishes shelters and provides creativity to all of humanity. That is my Easter gift to you.” Korus waited to see what her family and friends would say.

Not a word was spoken. Only tears of joy flowed. Loved filled the space of silence. Was there a need to do anything but reach for a coloured pencil and begin writing your word thought Nana?

What word and description, would you choose this Easter?

The End

Your Koruswhispers

Friday, 18 April 2014

Korus Easter Branch (2)

Good Friday Part two

Nana had also told her that eggs played a lot of other roles over Easter time. "That is very true Korus. Your Nana is a very wise grandmother and an excellent teacher of the ways." Korus jumped out of her skin. Stumbling over Pokie who had stretched himself out by her feet to sleep. Yes that was a voice she heard, not a birdcall or the wind. Yet Pokie only twitched his ears and slept further. "Not even bothering to protect her," she thought. "Who are you, please? I can't see you." "I am the birch trees spirit, little one. You’re leaning on me. Just turn around to see me."

Korus slowly gathered herself together, from amongst the dried leaves and turned hesitantly around. Oh the tree had a shadow with a head and an arm. It was waving at her! "I have been listening in on your thoughts Korus." "You know my name?" "Yes," chuckled the birch spirit "you come often through here and need usually to be called home, due to you over seeing the time spent exploring." Now that was true. Korus and Pokie loved checking out all of nature’s treasures. There wasn't honestly enough time in the day and this was one find none will believe! "I was also following you trying to work out, what you could do that would be special for the Easter table this year. Something that showed you had understood your grandmothers Easter teachings," spoke the birch spirit. "I actually think your idea is rather good too, just lacking in how to make it that extra bit effective. So that all really grasp what you mean. Maybe there I can be of help to you."

Korus didn't even blink an eye at the idea of talking to the essence of a tree. All Gods creatures great and small were filled with life; just some required us to be very still to see it. In this case you needed to look over the ridge Nana would say (sometimes it is called also “thinking out of the box”) and then nothing seems improbable, rather all becomes just practical. "Oh you mean my Easter notes right?” said Korus. “I just can't work out how to make them grow and be more than letters on paper".

As Korus sat under the birch tree this rainy, blue Good Friday her Easter note words began to form.

Blue is the sky outside my window
blue is the butterfly that flew into my tea cup
blue are the windows of my soul
to which I look out and view the world
under a haze of soft morning blue hues
for they are refreshing to have today
making everything full of serenity

Blue is the self-expression of my spirit
as it climbs towards the realization of
my higher ideals, encasing my inner voice
telling of my devotion to another plane
where peace and tranquillity reign

Blue is the stillness that fills the room
blue is the freedom that my mind seeks
blue is the colour of my devotion
to which I allow my prayers to flow today

Blue is for me a reflection of calmness and tranquillity
taking me beyond the ocean
and the twilight sky
into the heavenly realm of infinity

Kikorangi (blue) is the colour held within the Paua shell
A taonga (treasure) given to the Kiwi
by the God of the sea, Tangaroa
to remind me of my spiritual beliefs, heritage, and homeland
to tell me

I am seen
I am heard
I am loved

Just like the butterfly that flew into my teacup today on Good Friday.

Korus wanted to show with her idea that it should be a time in which to act on the most important message that Easter carried to all humanity, no matter what belief system you choose to uphold. For Korus it was all about the joy of being able to experience "life!"

Life was the key and the core to celebrating all the different forms of Easter rituals. To be able to embrace the most previous gift we have been given with an open and loving heart. To be aware it is given freely to all. Shown for example within the seasons around us. We see within nature life’s rebirth after what seems to be a death. Take the form of a transforming dandelion as we blow its seeds to all the corners of the earth, where it resettles being reborn again after a period of germination. To once more glow as a yellow ball of sunshine giving hope to the promise of what is to come in spring and asking only that you "love me". 

“Korus I know how you can make your words come to life. Come a little closer and let me tell you.”

Your Koruswhispers


So much is written over this word, mindfulness and its magnifications, intent and content that it almost seems overboard for me to want to reflect and write upon it to. Yet my day began with me focusing upon it, as I sipped upon a cup of Marrakesh mint tea, while my daily actions continue to pull me towards it, after spilling coco powder on the bench while making a cake. So be it then. I will reflect a wee bit more on my new insight into mindfulness, as I try to still the 1000 monkeys grabbing for attention in my brain.

Mindfulness is the art of being fully aware what occurs in my mind (ego) without judgment and living within the moment to the best of my present ability.

That is my own definition, my view upon an art of going with the flow, in rhythm with my mind, body and soul.  For many it entails breathing exercises, mantras, single vision, certain meditative sitting positions and other tricks of the trade to get that egoistic mind to “shut up” so one can focus. All great I am certain, if you’re a very disciplined person whom is able to implicate rules and regulations to the tee. Yet what happens if your someone like me who bubbles inside with energy and wants to embrace every moment with a hug?

I have always found being in tight control of myself stifling. Which I am sure sounds rather in contrast to the business owner who has to be held within the boundaries of timetables, stock taking and accountable for finances.  Yet a business owner who is not able to be flexible, within a framework of defined definitions, can not be mindful of unexpected opportunities when they present themselves, if a stringent tact is all that is followed, right?

Not being awake to your tripping up, is that not un-mindfulness (does it even give such a word?) and from this slight mishap does mindfulness not grow? It is this “after occurrence” that holds the key to your being in the framework of the moment that is presenting itself within the now!

I went today on a meditative walk to reflect upon the meaning of Easter time to me personally. Under the canopy of the forest foliage a dear friend accompanied me, along with birdsong, raindrops and an inquisitive dog. Two hours of inner stillness while outwardly walking a varied terrain, at a regular, steady pace. Allowing thoughts to flow without holding onto any particular one. Being thankful. Aware of my footfalls becoming part of the ground upon which I walked. Relishing the moments my mind drifted off to sleep, by the peace that filled my heart. Taken beyond the moment, by becoming part of it - mindfulness in motion. Definitely part of its attainability was the realizing; it never is necessarily an act of stillness, alone which conjures the act of being mindful.

Now I have just slipped a mud chocolate cake into the oven. The recipe is from an old New Zealand cookbook where everything is measured in cups and spoons, a rather unreliable method to follow indeed in modern day cooking. I always feel it requires a certain amount of fine finger action by me, to gain the same delicious cake, each and every time I make it. My Darls says it differently; “oh you where in the right frame of mind this time!” as he bites afterwards into a moist slice that was baked to perfection. Perhaps that is the secret right there to being mindful. Mindfulness is the framework we have been given in which to dance and the movement of our actions when done singularly with attention to detail, make the whole procedure then a beautiful composition. If we, for a second, are distracted and do not focus with clarity then only a half-baked or risen cake is the result. Yep mindfulness is like baking a cake - if all the ingredients fit together, it will be a hit. Awareness is always in our daily actions for these create reactions.

Everything has its place and time yet we are but creatures of habit, with the wondrous ability to adapt. Maybe I could say that mindfulness is allowing a “slip up” to be the leverage to re-balancing the soul to taking another deep breathe, into being at peace with yourself. Mindful of living life. Your life.

Your Koruswhispers

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Korus Easter Branch (1)

This period of time known to me as Easter has so many different symbolic meanings and religious significances for humanity that how should I treat it over the next few days on my social media sites? I wish to show myself, my views, be non-offensive and include all. So I have decided to share with you a tale. This story is known as “Korus Easter Branch”.

Maundy Thursday - Part one

Korus was out skipping along beside her village’s narrow, windy stream. Ribbon thin, it flowed around the village’s meadows dividing them neatly into segments while giving them underground nourishment thus allowing them to flourish lush green in the spring or provide golden wheat in the autumn. It then left the townships boundaries and wound its way up the hillside and over the top, to join together with a very large pool of water on the other side. It was there that Korus was heading to, with her trusty companion Pokie bounding along by her side.

Once they reached the billabong, Korus pulled off her shoes and waded into the cool, crystal clear water. Wiggling her toes she relished in the freshness of the water as it moved between them. Pokie too bounded in, dog paddling with glee as the cool liquid covered his thick black fur. Finally they both felt they had some relief from the hot sticky air, which they were unaccustomed to at this time of year.

Today was Maundy Thursday and they had learnt all about its meaning in Sunday school. Korus pondered on the fact that the name came from the old French term mandé that was taken from the Latin mandatum. This being the first word of the statement Jesus had said to his Apostles as he washed their feet while explaining its significance: "Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos" (A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you").  Maybe she should wash Pokies paws so he knew just how much she loved him. "I wonder if he would find it tickles," thought Korus, for she knew her toes would. She began to giggle imagining Poking stamping about on her feet with his clobbers all wet and furry. It would be like being cleaned with Nanas wet feather duster. Korus was laughing so hard now she had to collapse under a tree, to try and regain her breath.

Korus Nana had told her there were wide and varied ways to celebrate Easter today around the world.  Often it was now a blend of the religious and the secular, of paganism, Judaism and Christianity. For some it is the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre, who gave her name to the word Easter, symbolizing the re-birth of daylight and dawn and the rebirth of life through spring that is than English and German, use the word Passover to name this time which stems from the Hebrew word peach, meaning “he passed over”. As Korus sat upon the forest floor under the umbrella of a large birch tree she wondered just who would be passing over the foliage above? Would it be the angel of death or the Easter bunny or a flock of birds returning to spring from Egypt, where they had taken shelter over the winter months? Pokie flopped down by her side and whimpered. He had heard something she hadn’t. Korus strained forwards, listening intently.

There was no one to be seen coming down the forest path. Only rays of sunshine fell there after splashing through the dappled leaves highlighting their lime green shades of vibrancy. There were no voices to be heard except those of the birds sitting high up in the branches above, greeting each other and telling of their winter adventures in strange and far away lands. Each tone rang clear as the excitement of once again being back home was shared. Maybe it was the Easter bunny practicing his sprints for Saturday night when he had hundreds of Easter nests to fill with chocolates abounding, thought Korus. Yet she had not seen any flashes of white disappear around the tree trunks. Pokie had also not run off on a bunnies scent. Leaning once again back on the patchwork bark of her tree Korus wondered about all the traditions and customs surrounding Easter.

Nana and Korus had been painting Mrs Blacksock's eggs (their old and slightly scatter brained hen who had no male companion yet laid eggs anyway all over the place) to decorate the Easter Sunday table. Firstly they had been careful to "blow them all out" (they had baked yummy Easter custard tarts with the eggs) and clean them well. Then they had gathered a basket full of dandelions to dye them with because it made for an excellent yellow tint to the eggshells. Nana had corrected her here. "It might be so child but we take the dandelion because it symbolizes the first flower of spring. It is the flower of Saint Brigid, one of Irelands first recorded saints, whom it was named after upon her date of death on 1st February 524.  The dandelions hue reminds us of desire, to be sympathetic, to return affection and of faithfulness. This is the reason we take springs gold for our base colour."

Korus wondered how Nana, who was as old as the crows, could keep so many bits and pieces of info in her such small head. "There must be so many storing cabinets, shelves and files in there, definitely covered in layers of spiders webs by the look of her hair," thought Korus. "How does she know where to look for what she needs?"

Your Koruswhispers

Sunday, 13 April 2014

God made a Dog

Often I come across little rhymes or sayings, which we have heard so often yet they still can make us smile. Like a small two-minute film on why God made a Dog. It gave its reasons and they were very enduring to hear. If I had to recall in words the essence of the film I would write that God made a dog to be patient and kind, loyal and loving, to lift the spirits when ones down and be prepared to run after a stick, pee on a tree, fart whenever it needs to cover up a humans slip or snuggle into bed when you are alone and need a dead weight on your feet to remind you it is not so bad after all.

Several years ago I saw a cartoon that took up the theme as well. If I had to form the picture into words I would do it by explaining the theme was that God wanted to be a part of the lives of the people he created and gave free will to. He wanted to see their laughter and tears, be embraced in their triumphs and failures too. He asked himself how could he be taken in and loved unconditionally without anyone wondering if he was going to judge them or apply strict rules they could not abide by. So he pondered a while and realized he had it hidden within his name all along. He could create from the essence of god a dog by just bending the letters around backwards. Hence God made a Dog.

With these two views of why God made a Dog in mind I sit in my garden viewing my trusty companion, calmly waiting by the edge of the pond, having a classical stare off with Sydney our black swan. My Pokie is being patient, he is attentive, he is trusting and he is so happy with what seems to be so very little and this gives me the real reason why God made a Dog. He wanted to give us the chance to learn from seeing a dog’s action how to love yourself, just as you are within the very moment that exists. No looking back to the past or forwards to the future. Just being fully in the present situation.

God made a Dog so I can see how effortlessly it is to step into this exact moment and live it, as if nothing else exists. Totally comfortable in the body I have been given. Not bothering about my looks. There is in a dog’s agenda no plan for the month, no dongs on his i-Phone, no calendars marked red. He has no set timetable. His flexibility means that if the air catches his fancy he will sit quietly and sniff. Then sniff a bit more. Then again nothing stops him from immersing himself totally in the action he has undertaken to at this very moment to enjoy. If he is catching the Frisbee you are throwing him on the beach he will be 100% there only stopping when you do. If he has been told to sit and stay he does so without wondering already what will happen next? He just undertakes this action to the best of his ability, perfecting it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I believe God knew we would have a hard time accepting ourselves without conditions. So he made the perfect example to literally be right under our noses, living with us our daily lives so we might see just how easy it is to be here now, wanting nothing, loving everything and being absolutely happy within our own birthday suit. That is why God made a Dog.

Your Koruswhispers

Saturday, 12 April 2014

love yourself first

Eighteen years had almost gone by. Actually just a few days short but they remembered it so well. The day before their daughter was born, they had eaten by us an exquisite meal. Living only four villages away from our business they decided without a reservation to walk in tonight after eight o’clock and see if a table was available.  It is Friday. It is springtime and the first day of the Easter holidays. Eighteen years ago believe me it was different than today, you could have done that but still they thought they would try on the spur of the moment to gain a place. Why? What motivated them to return after such a long time to a restaurant, which from the outer coating they most definitely will not recognize! I am older and my Darls still cooks but we have changed so much outwardly; from the tables, chairs to the room decoration that none of the original essence is left. Or is there something still that resonates within the soul from a certain place, smell, person or situation that draws us back to recapture a sense of tranquillity there when we are in the middle of a storm?

I had a table spare due to a short notice cancellation and was therefore able to give them the haven they sort. Through speaking with them I learnt of their reasons for just venturing out tonight and was touched to think they felt by us, they would regain a sense of the normality needed, to weather what they at present were going through. They felt the serenity they needed would be here. How often do we wish to return onto the lap of our grandmother and be smothered in love and lavender scent, to feel again as if the world is in order and we are ok? Is not a treasured moment from our past that is often the anchor needed to battle the turmoil of today?

Sometimes a soothing word, a caring hand or a lovingly smile is all that is needed to be given, so another person can re-balance. To regain ones footage again, in a world that suddenly, for a spilt moment, has turned upside down. It often requires minute attention to detail. You have to look carefully at want you do. Our inner need pushes us to retrace back to the past where we felt a balance reigned, which in turn helps us to find again our sense of equilibrium.  Even if only for a few hours, it needs often be not more than that.  It can also be in this moment too without having to retrace your steps. The world can be a better place, if we just take the time to personify our love into actions.

Learn to be the haven for yourself to come home to and then others will also seek comfort and strength within your presence. For when I was a child in boarding school they tainted me for "seeing things", as a teenager it just wasn't cool to speak of your hunches, then suddenly I was within the term known as adulthood and I should have other topics upon which to ponder on than “my knowing”.  Now I have come of age so I see, speak and write about what I live and "it is good so!" I have learnt to be the harbour for my weary body, my pondering mind and my wondering gypsy soul and they all three, take refuge within my being, for there they feel loved. I have learnt that what has occurred within the past need not be revisited for me to have comfort. It is the gift I have finally given myself. When we can love ourselves we are then able to give freely to ourselves, without compromise.

These small steps which we ourselves take, can make a monstrous change to our view of the world and perhaps another’s too! If then being an aware partner in my own life, by loving myself, can make my little patch of earth upon which I stand, a more fertile place for positive, loving and beautiful growth of the human kind, who could want more?  I can see clearly through the haze of my dilemmas and view what lies behind the curtain on the stage of life. So begin by seeking your own haven within you, gathering substance from known sources but then venture within, allowing yourself to participate in new ways of loving the person you are.

Life's events, no matter how intense or multiplied are only lessons, to showing us various ways to handle ourselves. It is the reaction to their shock waves that make us resilient for the next. Being able to sit lightly within a support system that protects, holds and provides us with a sanctuary to regain strength is the key. Take nothing personally for all get their lessons given. See them only as a way to nearing more the source of love lying dormant within you. They are like instructions in the book of life, opening with their quaint way another door into variable possibilities. Life's events are not the substance of the story for that you make yourself. Be the writer of your life, not the reader!

When I was eighteen years of age my gynaecologist showed me with a few simple words that I needed to question everything and believe nothing, until I have my own version of the truth! His reasoning for me having pre-cervical cancer was primitive and to a young person who had no clue about such things. Thank God I got a second opinion before my operation otherwise I would not have two gorgeous kids today and would feel less of a woman due to an ignorant remark given by a "professional"! Sometimes reviewing the past can also be a reminder of why we need to keep moving forward. I think when I sat down to plan my "life Lessons" at the drawing board on the other side, I asked for a bucket full of the worst possible things to be dealt up to me and then said perhaps could I have, as I learned my lessons, a way to share my findings and hence help others! That is why I write. It is why I share my personal views, opinions and ideas here with you.

Alone I am one, together we are the world of tomorrow and it is a beautiful place to be indeed. That is how we should move forward when life hands us stones (heavy loads/troubles) over our pathway.  It is never the mountain, which we need to climb; it is the pathway that goes up which we should first find. Thank perhaps the stone for making you stop and take note for a moment; for rest can bring about a new surge of ideas. Visualize the stone being only a pebble millions of years from now and see how its solidness will also be at one time splintered into many parts. Love the fact you have the chance to look at the situation from a totally different angle. Then when you can personify the love for yourself into this situation the stones become crumbled rocks, scattered at your feet. Nothing is any more impossible and all is probable.

Be the change you want to see within yourself, for what you desire comes from deep within you. All will be all right, as long as you can love yourself first. There will be daybreak after the dusk has set into the night and you are able to gather the rest needed to venture out again. Remember to just focus on what is needed now. Your love to yourself.

Your Koruswhispers

Monday, 7 April 2014

cloth me

Clothe me in nature’s colours,
every season of the year.
For I see no need for industrial fabricated quantity,
when I have already so many shades right here.

Bath my senses in a pool of tranquil silence
which lets me be
an image of the Devine,
without me having to flow along another's doctrine or designated time.

Whisper me Mother Nature
sweet secrets of pleasure in my ear.
I will carry your depth of knowledge with tenderness in the very pores of my being,
for implicating in my life until the end of my earth bound time.

The single moment in which I am clothed,
in the caressing pleasure of the voice of love
is when I see clearly why I should be here.

Your Koruswhispers

healing requires a spring clean first

there was a way
which we could think
about walking
it seemed to hold no interest
we took another route that brought us pain
and with it we felt
we had no hold
it gave no love
the ground beneath
only rolled away
yet something kept me on this path
and I still wonder what it was today

When you live in partnership with a chronic autoimmune sickness and a chronic pain disorder you never know when a flare-up is coming. There is no set timetable or pattern. No definite manual that can give you more than a few maybes or could happen details. You learn to control triggering factors, that can unbalance your bodily system but even then, it could be something very basic that coincides with putting your immune system into doing cartwheels, with you not being able to keep up for long, before you begin to collapse. 

Top it off by having two rarely investigated dis-eases, due to not much money to be made there from the medical industry then you begin to be your own medicus well before you receive, years after the onset of the first symptoms, your diagnose. Because sadly, as in my case when at last I finally found out what it was I have, many of the side effects that could have been handled earlier, were now permanent parts of my life. A kind of “take it as you are served it my dear, for we can do nothing about the fact you would rather have it another way, for it is now too late to change the foundation plans. Oh and my the way we really have no clue how it came all about anyway!”

I recall clearly thirteen years ago the head physician for the medical department into which one of my conditions fell, joyfully proclaiming as he pressed down on my ligaments that I had definitely seventeen out of the eighteen trigger points. What he found more ecstatic was they went off the scale when I was hooked up to his electronic probes. He turned to me as I grasped for air and tried to hold back my tears, with the wonderful news that I could be his “Ginny pig” and join in an experimental study to see if popping several pills a day would ease my pain.  No guarantees that anything actually could happen to help me.  Maybe I would receive some interesting side effects (to add already to my list of slight bothers) but boy what a ride it could be in his study he felt, to have someone like me participating, as I as well also showed the indicators for two forms of arthritis on the march! I was someone who seemed to be working and living normally still (if there is actually even such a term) when I should be in his opinion a ball of jelly, rolled into a corner, moaning, bound in a straight jacket.  He found me like the black widow about to digest the poor male spider, an enticing species of unknown capabilities he wanted to record. I gathered my disjointed limbs up from the table, looked him in the eye and stated clearly not with me thanks; I will find my own way from here, without his pills or gadgets. His reply; “Boy they sure make them tuff in New Zealand. Not bad, not bad at all! Ok but if you change your mind, I am here.”

So I feel I have a wee bit of an understanding about what I want to share with you. It is not a sickness rant or rave. I want to clear that up right from the start. My glass is always half full with bubbly and a dash. It is about taking things into your own hands when you are told, “we can only ease your pain not heal it; so take this pill once a day, for the rest of your life, as we have no clue how to stop your disease from advancing in any other way.” About being your own master of your destiny. Implicating one of the first steps of self-awareness. Healing yourself bit-by-bit and knowing it might just be in your best interests to do so. No need to rush from medical institution to healer, expecting miracles with synthetic pills and tonics. Rather to do a very good spring clean by looking deep inside yourself for what could have triggered the dis-eases in your system in the first place. Why perhaps did you leave it so long before taking note that you are of value and listening to what your body and soul needs, could be the most important question to start off with.

The Wild broom flourishing in my garden at the moment reminds me that spring is the season for clearing out what you desire no longer to keep; cleaning away the dust which has settled from the chill of winter inside and allowing the colour of rebirth and life to replace the dull shades of grey which have been allowed to accumulate. Is gives me the message here’s to brushing away the cobwebs of yesterday with a strong, stable stroke, so to make a new nest for today. Yet how do I go about doing that when I love to hold onto so many items filled with memories and forgotten dreams but they harm me or block my living vibrantly? Or the plan was never to go down this route but rather plod along on a wider path and now it should become a single stony trail that seems to be so steep?

Cleaning out hits us all at some time during the year. It is in our nature to feel the powerful urge to reallocate what we see as no longer benefiting us to provide room for something new or perhaps just at least some free space. The media, conference halls and physic ads offer programmes, miracle cures and so much more for you to investigate. By all means give whatever could help you a go.  Keep the westernized medical world as your partner too but never forget that we have been given within nature, one of the most supportive tools to cradle within the palms of my hands with care.

I feel that the seasons clothe us in a protective cape of guidelines for how to go about cleaning and clearing out, stemming from their predictable patterns. The clear, strong rays of spring sunshine, which pierce our living rooms, give us the itch to make clean space for the prisms of light thrown off the rainbows reflection, as they land on the little specks of dust lying around. When summers intensity pours down on our skin we feel invigorated and able to conquer all with its liquid strength as the heat storms realise sun showers cooling us down from exploding and making all glisten fresh. As we change over into autumn it is so great to be able to crawl under the blankets, building our own grounding of gathered resources from the rich harvest while forgetting to have to keep everything in order for now; resting is allowed. The winter invites is to view at a snails pace what we have done to provide for our period of hibernation and reflection. We can lean back and sleep deeply.

So with the above in mind, no matter in which season you find yourself now, take a look at what is happening around you and clear out, lay to rest, make room for something new or replace that which has been worn down within your system from keeping yourself well.  Maybe you have been grasping for to long on the same item over and over again. It is spring by me now so I find that making a wild garlic omelette nourishing when the spring provides its vitality of cleansing, into the leaves of this plant. The sound of the bird’s morning song, tells me to reconnect to my own note of inner expression. Speak up. I say no to overloading on appointments. I lie down on my back on the damp wet dewy grass and feel the earth’s strength behind me and view the unending possibilities in the expanse of the sky above. Like a clean slant not yet written upon. I step in time with the day’s rhythms - rising with the light and easing into the bed covers as night falls. Loving the fact I can choose how to walk my talk. Be the explosion of colour outwardly in your dress that you long to feel inside, like the flowers purging with life on the blossoming trees abounding and notice how your step lightens.

As I stand on the cusp of longer, clearer nights looking out over the vast velvet blackness of our heavens with all the explosions of stars long burst and burnt, I suddenly see a shooting star and for a moment its glow is a powerful impulse of light and hope. That is my spark of confirmation that even if only for a mere five minutes I am in balance, pain free and with a smile on my face, feeling whole; that is my reward for living now. Being me. Shining out for others to see and know that I expect nothing more than knowing it is all-good for today, just as it is. For it is honestly a privilege to even be here living. It is knowing that perfection is not what makes us live fuller, intensive lives. It is our pain, our illnesses and our bodily aches that show us how to learn the first solution to setting up a new household for you to live in - clear out the waste, lovingly give yourself what uplifts and provides balance and take responsibility for your own order within. Look to nature to help you. Then you can begin to thrive and heal.

Your Koruswhispers

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