Thursday, 24 July 2014

Korus has a voice

So you are active in the social media circuit - facebooking, blogging away, tweeting your tune, tunblring around and instgramming it. You are doing this for a reason. There is purpose to your madness from your side at least you feel there is and from the responses you receive you see others view the puzzle pieces forming a scene as well. Then one day you get up, grab a coffee and turn on your electronic devices and sadly experience something you have not had before - 25 hateful, pornographic, extremely rude individually directed comments, in English, on various personal photos on your account. Two accounts did this together. I then reported them, deleted and reported each comment but the fact remains it was "put out there" and has released its energy. It disturbs me to think perhaps this is being done to others whom cannot stand up for themselves and may be affected by such small mindedness.

I strongly believe that many see this type of carry on as a way to gain attention; for they think I would repeat the offensive comments in caption form or with a photo but they actually unwittingly just gave me heaps of writing material to reaching out to ensure my experience helps others to stand up strong for themselves. For I feel it is necessary to share this weak action of reacting behind the keys of a computer screen to be vindictive, as the world is not only made up of "sugar and spice and all things nice!"

To be heard is a precious gift given to me indeed from a lot of truly kind hearted, interested and open followers of my social media sites and the momentary shock of these offensive comments only rattled my brain cells into blessing the two lonely souls, in hoping they find someone to listen to them and help them see a way to give real nourishing love, in words and not lowly, gutter filth that tarnishes only their hands and faces; no one else’s. I decided to begin a journey with my whispers to raise the level of compassion, love and healing within humanity and because of such uplifting comments from serious souls interacting with me, I know I am on the right pathway. These two simpletons only showed why korus´s whispers are so badly needed - too many people feel they have no voice, are not seen and wonder lost, disillusioned in a no mans land.

Often what seems at first a strange twist of events can be a push to look deeper, redirect or just speak up for all those who do not. The world is made up of a mixed bag of marbles and thankfully I have had so much real horrific episodes within my life, this type of hater attack is just a reminder of what we should not concentrate on. Rather instead this enforces upon us how to utilise social media for the common good, so to interact positively with obstacles laid in our way while walking our path. Still this anonymous style of bullying was unexpected. Only for many young people, liable or emotionally imbalanced from hormonal changes or the media illiterate, it can be the “last jolt” that causes them to react either distractive towards themselves or brake out violently in panic in a distorted form of self-protection, towards others. Sadly we all witness this too often.

Isn't the world strange? So many striving to increase the energy level of love to a higher vibration; to further a way to unite humanity with the juxtaposition of just as many pulling, yanking it back down into the gutters with degrading slurs, cutting remarks and cowardly hidden actions! Thank goodness when I went back to self query if I should delete my personal photos or in what way should I handle this from re-occurring, I saw the beautiful, honest comments of you all; my real social media souls and knew to be Korus and expand beyond the walls of my body and mind I will need to build a tough skin, for not all will be so loving.  Not all share my way of thinking or have experienced what I have yet I have only began what I am here for, so I will need to see this jolt as another learning curve to deal with those caught still in self destruction, self hate and loathing, unable to direct their own life force into furthering universal peace, love and compassion.

I was able to rebalance and direct rather quickly. My son also played a role in giving some sound advice and powerful love based reassure while my husband reminded me of the worms in the wood. I felt the universe taking a stand in various ways to showing me I am seen really for who I am, by those who look. I am on the "love train" and intend to keep travelling forwards.

Why you may ask would I continue to put myself out there for further torment? To answer you I would need to say, for to sit quietly and let injustices happen without voicing my positive, love based view of a redirection of the situation, would be as bad as giving you the fingers and sticking out my tongue; turning my back or just burying my head in the sand. So many small and large atrocities occur the world over but I can only begin to take action at what sits on my doorstep and what I allow to walk over the threshold of my own house to sit down inside.

Several weeks ago I was out shopping in a local department store. It was a brutally hot day in what had been a week of extreme heat and one noticed that all tempers where frayed and everyone seemed to be out for themselves in battling the fire demon pelting down upon our heads. I had just completed my shopping and was reflecting on enjoying a large glass of homemade ice tea when I got home as I stepped out of the air-conditioned store into their car park area. A young man, mid twenties was shouting at an elderly, grey haired gentleman. Both were in a nose breadth of one another when I looked over and saw the words turn into physical violence. The hot headed man shoved the just as passionately grounded older man away from him and words flew an octave higher as he stumbled. There were several people watching from their cars or the doorway of the shopping centre and a young companion of the tempermantful youth, was trying to pull him back while the wife of the elder generation had ran away for cover. This was all happening in a rapid tempo and I have honestly not a clue why they were fighting; I just reacted (I was the only one who did) and afterwards first even realized, what I had done.

I turned towards them, walked over to stand in the middle, raising my arms with shopping bags on one and placed them right between the two. Stating loud for both to register but keeping my tone full of laughter and light to “cool down, step back and not make the temperature gauge explode when it was already at boiling point!” then I directed (as both parties stood still, looking at me in wonder) at the young mans friend to take him to the pub over the road for a cool beer and a chill down (he grinned greedily at me for the relief of finding a way out of this dilemma) and calling out to the wife I suggested she “guide her husband into a cooler environment to regain strength”. Both did what I said to the tee. I then turned around, walked the few steps to my car got in and as I drove off I saw several people looking at me amazed or smiling. One person (actually even a guest of my business) waved from his car and called out the window “Bravo Korus”!

It then dawned upon me what I had done. I had reacted from only a place of wanting to share the joy and peace I had within me at the time and not from a fear of putting myself in any form of danger. I wished to see these two also experience how I was feeling that day inside. Yet in our region we have had less civil courage of late, due to injuries and even deaths of those whom have reached out to help. What made me instinctively react? I have no clue. I was afterwards in shock when I contemplated what could have been. Then I realized, I need not visualize some crazy scenario of “what if” for it had not occurred. I should stay with the plain fact, I had acted as I saw fit and all was good so.

Exactly as in with these comments I need not react indirectly but rather take action from an active stand. Make others aware to speak up. Say you are human. You have feelings.  I was tormented as a teenager with my weight. I was anorexic. I had serious issues with my body. As a young woman and adult these have brought their situations with them too. So yes these hurt me; carelessly laid abuse directed words at my physical appearance but they are only that. Words from poorer souls, for they have no self-esteem. No self-love. No knowledge of how beautiful they are. No awareness of the potential that lies dormant within them just waiting to be ignited.

I need not hurt myself again as I once did, for I have learnt from my experiences to lace myself in passionate vibes of sensuality. To be all woman - curves, hips, bosom and all. To be the grandest vision of whom I can be. You might not agree with me but you know what; it might just give you food for thought why that is! Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from me. Read my whispers. Comment if you will but be prepared to come up against a kiwi bird that will not stay quite and doesn’t sit still.

Her name is Korus and if need be she will be your voice too.

Your Korus whispers

being on the go while staying in flow

Who am I? Why am I here? Should I take on this adventure or do I need to re-direct my career? These could be some of the questions that go through my head when I am out running or perhaps I am able to still the thousand small kiwis jumping around in my head and get some blissful stillness; so as to meld with the environment I am pleasure jogging through. What I do know and never need to ask myself is “should I go running?” - I always want to. Rain, hail, sunshine or heat, it doesn’t matter a hoot to me. I will lace up my shoes ponder how long I have open to exploring a new route or rehashing an old forgotten pathway and I am off.

It has always been so. It was not something I found later in life due to health reasons or was pulled into by peer pressure, although perhaps they could have played a role in not letting me give up. It has been the natural desire to explore my surroundings, see how far I could push myself and later in life it became a space for meditative reflection.

I try to place the exact moment when I started to run and it is not so easy. It was part and parcel of my life having been brought up as a kiwi to be active in a variety of sports. Schooling in New Zealand has sporting activities as part of their curricular program for personal development and social interaction skills. So I did life saving, played on the hockey, netball and tennis teams and even tried my hand at rhythmic gymnastics although my bodily shape never made me look so great in tights! I was no speedy on the track but I had for the cross-country events (steeple chase and distance running) always a solid placing.  It gave me endurance in the other sports I enjoyed as a kid but did not really take an upper hand until we as a school were to raise money for a charity event known as “The City to Surf” in Christchurch. Then it was from the center of town to Brighton beach (now the route is different) and at the time 7,5 miles (12km), which was for me a challenge with my teenage years! Also it was a rather new attraction, having only been on for a few years; the start of something that this year celebrated its 40th anniversary - a running event for the masses. Thousands of participants rolled up on that day to be their own Jonnie! Jonnie who you ask? Arh, what a guy. Perhaps one of my first girl crushes.

I had never run so far and yet my fathers, and actually the whole nations fascination at the time with a person named Jonny Walker, who ran like the wind and looked like a God doing it, intrigued me. Walker is a former middle distance runner from New Zealand. He achieved world status in 1974 when he ran second to Filbert Bayi in the 1500 meter run at the Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand. Sir John Walker was also the first person ever to run the mile in under 3:50. He was our national hero and my father being a long distance runner would fill me in on all the details of his running career. I honestly remember only thinking how cool it must be to have long, blond hair blowing in the wind, hippy bands around your neck and loose black silky top with the silver fern embezzled on it when out chasing something “unseen by others” in front of you along a track. A thirteen-year-old sees the passion of running in the movement of a soul and is not time and distance bound. Johnnie typified this for me.

So this was it. My Dad said we would go together on this challenge and I could start to collect sponsorships for my completion of the full race. I was not to take on the rally but the whole hog. I was petrified but Dad said we would walk/run and I would not realize how the time could fly by. We would have always the chance to drink and eat along the stretch. This said I really had not a clue what I was in for.

Very little remains in my mind of the day. I have no idea if there was a time limit though I do remember we came in with quite a few around us so we must not have done too bad! What I remember is feeling at one stage a bit down after walking and mentioning to Dad there was two class mates just in front of us who were doing the team rally. He said lets pick up the pace and jog by them, which we did. To this day I remember one of the two, Jason saying “Oh Korus you have made it this far already!” I felt as proud as punch for obviously this was not awaited from me and yet I was on a role. The second clear recollection was coming in to the finish and not finding Mum. We searched the spectator crowd at the finish line and the car park area to no avail. So Dad said well we would just have to jog back home then and I burst into tears. I remember clearly having no power left and the thought of doing it all over again was too much. Mum must have found us though, as I do recall Dad being really mad (was it at my reaction or Mums missing us, I do not know) saying he would jog alone home and we drove back.

Now I have just completed a so called pleasure trail run in the altitude of the Swiss Alps and had to reflect upon me, still out there moving to my own rhythms along pathways that twist and turn, with sticks and stones to brake my bones, scattered alone the way. Yet I still complete the event with that same feeling of pride even if I am not as speedy as my childhood hero. Johnnie is suffering from Parkinson’s now and I love his solid, down to earth manner in dealing with this Turkish dis-ease, which shows his incredible mental toughness that has always stood him in good stead to achieving such heights in both his running and business areas. He is both a proud man but still a person. He is active in his personal organization, a very loving grandfather and devoted family man. As you can tell he is still my hero.

That is why for me “slow is the new fast” I say, for in giving yourself permission to run as slow as you need to go, you find your own individual mojo and that is good so! I find that what with my auto immune disease and the natural changes of middle age within my body my running gives me power and positive direction for accepting me as I am. It helps me see the potential I have at the pace I go. I run for my peace of mind, my pace, my way and therefore can be experiencing an abundance of life, which just passes the couch spuds by!

I am not thin, fast or a spring chicken but I am fit, I think I am fun to be with experiencing every moment to the fullest and willing to give just about anything a go and I get around to being in parts of the world sofa hockers would never contemplate venturing to.

So the last leg of the trail had me loosing my legs for a second and I had to throw myself down into the field of sweet smelling wild flowers and photograph the simple fact I was having the time of my life! I wish to tell you something that is for me, the A and O of living your life to its fullest potential. It is not about looks, weight, health, riches, friends, house, car or perhaps your yacht. These can play a role in the quality of life true but if you have no gratitude for the fact you can live your life with passion they mean peanuts.

I am thankful for all that happens to me without validation. I see my life as a pathway to exploring who I am and all that I have dished up to me along the way, helps me see if I am making the most of it, really living it to the fullest. My way means expressing gratitude within the very moment I live. I said out loud during this run how grateful I was to be able to run, as a woman, in the open, without being shot at or fear of being attacked. I stated how special it was to experience such beauty, be part of a group of like thinking people who held a respect for their surroundings.

Gratitude should be a grounding stone of the way you take in life without it your only half alive. Oh I am so grateful to have completed my race in three hours and two minutes as number 99 from all the ladies! To be able to move around with ease feeling the breeze against my skin, the sunshine upon my head and the ground giving me a solid base to walk upon under my feet is a special treat indeed. We may have at various times a shadow cast over our eyes, making the view seem hazy but would it be expected otherwise when we interact with humanity and or the environment? Yet holding onto this blanket of grey will wrap your mind up in only draining, weighted down or depressive thoughts that hinder you from seeing the individualised pain your inflicting upon yourself.

Move in life with your palms open, facing forwards, to receive and give freely all that may take a moment, to be tenderly held or rest there.

Be a mover of your own life and experience the flow of loving your tempo, going along the way you choose, in the manner that inspires and uplifts you.

Gravitate towards gratitude like a bear to honey and let it stick, for the taste makes life truly sweet and funny where laughter is the best medicine it gives.

Find out your way of being in this space today and release the love bound and wrapped for you within your heart, which is not flowing freely perhaps due to simply your having tied it up (in a heavy body laced with unhealthy habits) and uplift your step to retracing what the child in you knows - your worth every ounce of energy you invest in finding your own way of being on the go while staying in flow!

Your Koruswhispers 

Monday, 14 July 2014

What do you fear?

Read the following examples of fear, to see if there is a resonance that plays a chord of clarity for you within your mind or intuitive body (as in your gut feeling).

There are times we fear, not achieving or reaching a standard or level we have set ourselves.  It grates upon your system making you often stretch your physical body beyond what is called healthy. You skip sleep, take poisons to hold you up or find perhaps yourself going against your own values, for just to get that little bit closer to this desired illusion.

The second fear is of not being taken seriously or listened to.  It seems you find yourself reciting continuously the same stance, opinion or view into thin air.  You notice that often others talk in on you when you’re still in the process of speaking. You hear the same question asked of you, over and over again, even though you have given the answer a dozen times already.

Then there is a third fear of being in the wrong place, situation or event because you have no choice and you will never be able to break away. You are held there due to your obligation to state, family, religious beliefs, friends, work colleagues or a feeling of a spoken or unspoken promise. The situation is long unbearable but the bonds of being hostage to responsibility have cut deep into your skin, moulding themselves to your own bones, becoming inseparable.

A fourth fear is of never reliving a stand you once had, an impression you once felt, a situation you once experienced, ever again. You had a fleeting moment within time that seemed unreal, as if running upon another plain even though it run parallel within your time sequence in the now. It opened up a window you knew not existed and showed you into another dimension, giving you a glimpse of what could be. It is a chance to view a real possibility of being able to be fully aware, within this moment now. No past or future attachments required for validating what is occurring.

Is one of these ringing a bell for you having you nodding your head and saying, “yes that could be, I felt that, it’s exactly how I see it or I could be just the person you’re referring to”. So what are these four fears?

The first fear has more to do with the fear of not being remembered. If you do not have a social standing, an educational level or a certificate to prove your qualification will anyone even remember who you were? Often this fear creeps up on you during a period within your life when you are questioning and querying why are you here. For what is even the purpose of your life lived to this point. Have opportunities been missed to make sure you wont be forgotten on a larger scale, your name recorded in a university register or imprinted for eternity on the cover of a book. They also raise their claws when our health is in question and/or we face death.

Our second fear has its basis in the fear of not being heard for who you really are. Of having a voice that bounces like a rubber ball off a stonewall or is cut to the wick before it can bring about alighting a fire for change. Of not ever really being known for who you are, taken seriously for that which builds your core emotions, thoughts and actions. This is having such an inner pull for being part of the voice of humanity but finding your self being shut out. Wanting to give and finding you seem to be not needed.

The third fear is that of being held to restrictions you may or maybe not have placed in your life, and is often an experience we go through at various life stages and with varying intensity. It is when you are confronted with a change within the natural processes of moving within life’s events, such as puberty, crossing over into adulthood, taking on the work force, marriage, changing your place of domicile or making a conscious choice to take on a new life belief for example. Often we feel strangulated by the unwanted tension that binds us within this structure we are held in and to. We react by being dead or inwardly detached to all and sundry outside of ourselves. We are only a shell of who we were born to be, for we have retreated into a place known as our own inner hell.

Yet it is the fourth fear, of a fleeting memory of something you want to experience again that interests me to write about and expand upon here. For this fear is not to be shunned or tossed off as coming from a wild imagination.  It is not a fear created from watching too much fiction television or being spaced out on thinking of extra terrestrials when you have taken some substance to distort your vision. This is the pull to go back to being aware of all you knew before the world closed your eyes off to the truth. It is the reality we experienced and lived in before a veil was pulled over our sight to seeing what really is.

I have been privy to this world for a very long time and with the support of my father, learned to know it is a natural part of the planet we share with various sources. Have you experienced the laughter of a small child into what seems an empty space when you look? Have you smelled the scent of perfume in the air that belonged to a departed relative, just at the very moment you thought on them? Have you sensed someone else in the room or caught a movement out of the corner of your eye but been unable to see the reason why? These are very basic examples but often easier to relate to for understanding we exist here on this plane of now, yet it revolves, expands and moves on various levels that are not necessarily easily seen by all or understood. In these examples are given the moments they connect, crossover or intersect our time line.

When my husband’s grandmother died it was for her a relief, as we had been nursing her for quite a while and her body was in conflict with a very strong willed mind that had left this rational plane, wandering in the past. Two days after her physical death I was cleaning the windows of our house and had a very strong feeling of being intently watched. I looked out and over to the window at which she always sat (we live in a connected old and new building) and saw her sitting there, smiling in a dress I had made her, sipping on tea from her fine bone china cup. I heard clearly her speaking of a message she had for her son and letting me know all was so perfect just as it was unfolding for her now. She was not “see through” or fluttering or having angel’s wings. She was solid and here right within this very moment I saw and communicated with her. Our individual realities, which are being lived and experienced now, had for a specific reason joined.

If I allowed the fear of expanding my thoughts to encompass something I had not been taught in school or not being open to feeling this subtle shift of energy because of a set preconceived view/opinion, I would not have had this experience. Maybe I would have in my dream state at night been contacted instead. Maybe I would have had many such sightings but all went unnoticed. I would have missed the opportunity to give another human being a chance to go forward upon his pathway in life and indirectly help me. For this fear of pushing against what is not necessarily mainstream brings its own blockages as we recall, talk of and share with others. Often we also feel rather intrigued or chuffed at what we experience and begin an odyssey of wanting to gain once again entrance, to this in a sense holographic reality.

It is known that many composers talk of “hearing” the notes come to them from “out there” or see inside the music rushing at them, fearing this could disappear. Writers mention they feel in a trance as information begins just to flow from “somewhere else” and their fear that they can hardly write it down quick enough makes them sit for months on head writing non-stop. Then you have a friend who says when they took the fear of loosing control out of their lives everything finally just started to slip into play and they laugh at the sound of being thought crazy. Yet it is the releasing of wanting, needing and desiring which opens up your sight to what we had in the first two years of our lives. Once we are told how to react, be held together in societies structures and function on a level that is prescribed as the norm, we fear anything that tears these man made barriers down, only because they present us with something unknown.

We fear our own individuality. Our own expansion to declaring our right to having more than we are told is appropriate. Fear is used to keep us caged, blocked and controlled. Fear is the shackles that bind us to the dungeons of horrors of the inquisition period making them be relieved over and over again in the now.

Listen to that small voice that whispers in your ear, of taking note of what is said or read or thought when you see yourself clenching in the stomach in fear at what you are experiencing. Is it really your reality or has it been placed on you from an outside influence? Shed light on the dark corners of your fears. Be fearless and brave by centering yourself in your heart and walking your walk. Just as the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz needed to face his fears, you too can look within to expanding your view beyond the rational sense of time and opening up a treasure chest of new opportunities. You deserve the right to be fearless within the structure of your life. It is your birthright.

Your Koruswhispers

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fear - find easily another reaction

Fear is simply a four-letter word that you could replace with luck, shit or yeap you have it - pickles!

It is just a form of expression to use as you see fit. So why does it cause each individual, when they are confronted with it, to experience a cold shower of chills to run down their back or bring them to a stand still?

We have (us in general here) to date considered fear something to run away from. Right?  To be taken as an item or situation or action, we do not want to have any part of. Why? Does fear cause you to stop? Stand still; be immobilized? Ask yourself honestly what makes you come to an abrupt stop, when the terror of your horrors strikes.

I can speak from experience here in the stand of the extreme. When you are confronted with the extinguishing of your life through the hands of another who happens even to be family, the fear that propels you to move, is a core instinct for survival and a want to still be, or achieve something, not yet accomplished. When the fear is lesser (but no less significant for your experiencing the moment you stand in now) such as failing an exam, having to play niceties with someone you despise or get on a plane so the family holiday can be a reality when you are terrified, it still takes of hold of your heart and squeezes damn hard. It paralyses you into getting sweaty palms, or feeling ill or saying something you would normally never let slip past your lips.  It doesn’t really matter for the fact is something between your normal functioning brain, common sense and reality, gets thrown to the wind and you act irrational.

So you get the drift here. Fear is an emotion. It is not a fact. It is not a statement. It is not an action but rather a re-action. You feel it. You breathe it in the pores of your skin. It is not explainable and gives no clear definition if you where to try to explain its workings to an alien. So your own re-action should be to take a different look towards it.

What we fear is actually a stumbling block to achieving what we desire within this very moment; for it only shows us that, which should be overcome, so we can then proceed. In concrete terms it just means, “Look at what is in front of you and deal with it”.  It is a helping signal to going forwards.

Let us think what this could be in the form of the example; “I am fearful of drowning”. So who then would go jump into a pool if you could not swim? What you need to do is ask why is this irrational fear here if I only shower and never bath? I can’t drown in raindrops from the shower hose can I! No you can’t but perhaps you can pass on this fear to your children and say watch out for the downpour outside for you might drown. Get the drift here how your irrational fear can lead to another’s blockage of dancing in the rain.

We project our fears to all around us whether we realize it or it. We live out our fears by saying we cant go out to eat, for we do not know from where the produce comes from or we can not travel to this or that land without a complete chemist in your luggage, for fear of what can happen when we consume their local cuisine. 

Take a step in the right direction today, don’t ask yourself if it is the correct way to go, for every turn you make is meant to be your experience of now - the only moment that counts! We are so often told to re-act or take this direction for a reason that has no grounding. We have been conditioned over generations to think because my grandmother did it in this manner, it is so. Stop now please.  Do not just except the norm. Ask yourself why to I fear men with dark skin. Why do I fear woman who wear short skirts. Why do I fear travelling on the train at night?  Is it not unconditional conditioning that has you reacting to a fearful stance, not of your own choice?

Knowing your way does not come over night. It is a process of stop and go, of being brave enough to take the chance to come out of your shell and venture forwards. Maybe you might need to withdraw from what you experience at times to gain a better foothold but never let the fear of being vulnerable stop you from savouring life itself.

What we fear can become our reality when we focus on shoving it away instead of acknowledging it is there. Rather look how to embrace it and then deal with its impact on your senses. I wish all of you a splash of illumination, upon your own individual fears, so you can bring them out into the light and lessen their hold they have on you.

Fear of what we could get (all in the possible not probable), blocks the body in many ways. Rather acknowledging what it is we fear and making a constructive decision how to go forward, aware of what your doing, makes fear dissolve. Then you can concentrate on soul healing, a so special part of furthering humanity upon various levels, and knowing what seemed to be lurking, is no more of an issue but a memory that fades like a wisp of smoke.

If the human being were more aware of the positive potential in fear itself, their releasing it would be so much more easy than grasping for air running, hiding or struggling to keep it at bay. We fear things that are not even here or there. They live in either our past or future interpretations of what could be. Reality has long given up deciding what really was. Ask anyone 18 months later after their being struggled by their brother, if it was the worst experience they lived through.  Would they say it was actually productive in giving them the kick to stop supporting where it is not needed or would they state it was part their fault in not letting him experience the horrors they went through as a kid; protecting where protection actually damaged and didn’t shield from reality? The real answer is - it happened. It was lived through and it was just a process to get you to the point today in, which you stand. The fear that was, will only occur again if you want to relive that moment as some kind of ceremonial revelation (which has you only dwelling in a fear based illusion) of projecting yourself as a survivor, which is playing out a theatrical stance of illusional disillusion.  

That is what releasing fear means. You should hold onto nothing that gives you a “dead end sign” for it provides no new solutions, only loop holes to staying stuck. You state clearly to yourself;  “I stood in a moment of distorted vision and I need help now to take this moment, as a space to create a new reality ”. It will always be provided for. Believe me, I know for I am here now. I allowed fear to be the motivation, to an action of positive reaction. I moved forward. It requires only your acceptance that you are the driver of your life. Not only a side passenger who can say “maybe” but rather a person who states I take this road or pathway and in doing so you experience a state of relief and acknowledge that there is a future from here.  Yet you stay in the moment of now.

Decide that you will accept today’s happenings, as helping you to be within this very moment. Not “space out” from the fears that seem to hide behind some imaginary corner, which may never be actually rounded. Fear is only a stepping-stone to learning why you perhaps need to look the other way, find another solution and take another stance. Fear is the doorway to experiencing a revelation.

Fear - “find easily another reaction” or go under.

It is so simple. Re-act to living life by not being frozen in ice. Be within this moment and see your view of terror as giving you the chance to find a new zest for moving forward. Accept it as a friend lending you a helping hand.

Your Kourswhispers

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear For his soul is already attuned; To the sounds that encase him Like a blanket that fits, Snuggly over ...