Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My whispers

"Happiness is a constitution that you own; it is not required that you earn it". Koruswhispers

How should you read or digest a whisper from me especially when read on its own without the support of a “relieving” picture to present the caption to you in a more realistic manner?

This though went through my head at the end of last year, as a friend mentioned she felt my eBook wasn’t perhaps selling as I had hoped because it was without pictures; as in my social media outlets. Just a collection of words that perhaps could be seen as “long winded” or rather “washed out”. Without the picture the impact she felt was lessened. She mentioned as well she often lost the thread of what I was saying and stopped reading a blog post before reaching the end. Ok I could say she is German and I write in English but she still has a good grasp of my mother tongue hence I have given her comment some thought and have come to the following conclusion.

My work is to be digested on its own. Slowly and with personal, introverted reflection. I am myself not an uncomplicated person and I write about life as I have lived it, see it and feel it. I am emotional. I use words as my expressional ventilation and also as my protective shield. I am not a traditional person with a normal upbringing either. I have been mentally tortured and physically abused. I have heaps of areas within me that are closed and sealed. I also have a deep pool of compassion and desire to reveal sometimes certain elements of what I have lived or am experiencing, in the hope to spark off a change in another person that is productive.  My words you could say are my life raft as well as my sword.

So when you read my whispers or a blog post please take “time out” to digest what I am writing. Perhaps it is a new idea not yet known to you or maybe more an old known comment given out in a different viewpoint.  It could be it has a resonance for you at this time or maybe it might be recalled at a later date when it can be then understood in better terms. Or my whisper could be the cusp of something totally new and extend to you the chance to take on a journey, to finding out what exactly is your pathway – helping you find literally “your way”.

Let me show you perhaps how you could go about it by my dissecting the following whisper for you:

“Happiness is a constitution that you own; it is not required that you earn it.”

“Happiness” could be defined as a mental or emotional state of wellbeing, which is recognized as being needed to function effectively within the act of carrying out life. The United Nations have even declared the 20th of March as the International Day of Happiness, which is considered elementary to the attainment of achieving wellbeing or otherwise known as an “universal goal” for sustaining the human condition so it is able to function effectively.

“Constitution” is a term I use for establishing the set of fundamental principals needed to create an embodiment of feelings, to provide the founding elements for creating a codex for living your life to the fullest. The term encases a process of laying down set cornerstones for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

“Own” is a direct verb to acknowledging you possess a right to own something but also as an idiom in stating you have possession of an attribute, which is due to you.  It is the establishing of a position you have, to maintaining something that belongs to yourself hence now it is an adjective.

“Required” simply establishes that it is an absolutely essential element to your being here now. It is a mandatory part of the equation to morally providing you with a supply of a substance to living your life fully.

“Earn” has a dirty taste to it, as if it requires extreme effort and even in some ways a threatening level of activity. Hence delivering the sense of a certain type of behaviour or action that is required to be initiated before you can gain, receive or have a set result delivered. It is questioning the necessarily of this element in the equation of “happiness”.

Then when you place the above explanations together you get a more in-depth understanding of what I mean by whispering to you that “Happiness is a constitution that you own; it is not required that you earn it.”

Yet is it necessary to be so analytical and critical of literary work? I am my harshest teacher and punishment deliverer.  I could go back and rewrite, dissect and pull apart all my previous works. Creating newer, tighter or more compact whispers and blog posts but they would miss one essential element that I had at the time of writing them – authenticity! They came from the passion, temperament or inner power I was holding at the time and this cannot be rewritten. For in doing so I would lose the energy I was embracing at that moment I wrote the whisper. It is the same for when you read my work. Your pathway doesn’t stay the same. You do not stand still but are finding out which way to go on a constantly changing landscape, on a daily basis. So it is with my writing. 

Therefore read my whispers now. 
Today’s reality is two toned. 
Tomorrow is not yet drawn. 
Yesterday’s has faded. 
Accept the moment as it is. 
It is the present.

Your Koruswhispers 

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