Monday, 8 June 2015

40´s are actually the 20´s

It is said the new 40´s are our 20´s. They are bold, clear cut and sized perfectly to fit the voluminous dimensions of acceptance of ones true form. Who said this? Why Korus of course! For if I waited for the media to bring me up to date in what is accepted or given with a wave of grace, I could be waiting till the moon turns purple!

This is now a turbulent time of anticipation, hope, wonder and immense joy at the possibilities open for me. I am about to step out into unknown landscape and it is exhilarating.

In September 2014 I ventured out to the land of human torture and condemnation, communism and tradition, alchemy and qigong. It was a study trip that I had desired since becoming a teacher of an old, more than 2000-year tradition, which normally was only given to the male members of the Kings family, in an unspoken contract it would provide eternal life and now, I a wee Kiwi, with mixed New Zealand, Scottish and Aussie blood lines, had the chance to place my foot steps into the space of wiser souls from the east. I always said when I was fifty that was what I would do – go after my previous life pathways I had once walked down, so as to bring my karma into the Aquarius age and take on any old rubbish not yet dealt with. Funny, how it began to take shape in my 49th year instead.

I am a believer. The Universal force which created us goes beyond for me the small religious forms we humans need to preach, to help us contain our primitive urges.  It is for me more a loving presence in a form we have yet to embrace, experience and visualize. A pure essence not yet known to us, and when we do learn its depth, then we can become a unified unit under the banner of humanity, living together towards truly creating a paradise here on earth. It will go far beyond our present small-minded colloquiums of naming this being/presence. It is this knowledge, which gives me a steadfast foundation now.

I am an active participant in life. I am not a feminist in the sense I place myself above the male counter part, for I need their strengths to bring out the best side of my feminine traits. I adore my Darls who has been walking along my pathway with me since 1984. He has highlighted my moments of joy with gold dust and soothed those deep cracks of pain, which have carved their markings upon my bone with a tormenting agony almost beyond bearing. He is my counter poll to my going wild and still being the impulse to make me step off the edge, for he loves me without judgement or conditions. He is part of the reason I choose to embrace the feminine energy this time around and nurture through continuous birthing pains.

I am a girl whose glass is half full type. I see the silver lining upon the storm clouds for I fly with the thunder gods. I believe even if humans give me shit, I can make it come up smelling like roses, for I control the way I decide to breathe in the moment. I am the one who gives you the willies for I wear no knickers under my running shorts and still not getting a heat rash when the going gets tuff. I decided to take the pathway of the free spirited korus from birth on, as I choose to step into this life as the child conceived out of wedlock. It has been damn hard. It has been at times almost back braking but that is only because I was privileged enough to be born into a society where I could speak my mind, write my thoughts and tell you how I view it (the whole bag of worms!). If this weren’t the case I would have been already burned at the stake, stoned, tortured, sold off, raped, bashed and abused beyond recognition.

What drives me and why I asked myself as the Birth day of my 49th year clocked over? I was prepared to look into a bucket full of things (before one kicks the fifties can!) to decide and decipher where the golden rule for living a full life lay.

I have been whispering to you for a while now and wondering what is heard. Who listens, reads or even bothers to “check in” to my reflections? Does it even matter! I mean this in the sense of the over indulgence “selfies” but in the written manner. Selfies in all their forms within media, is causing me to develop a dislike of human faces (and often social sites). I want to see a natural pose that shows a real version of a story.

Selfies are the masturbation of the social media generation and they are causing a newly discoverd vernal disease, which is expanding into an epidemic.

I want home-based truth. I want your raw edge to experiencing life. I need to see, hear, feel and live you are on the same level as me – searching for the answers I struggle with each and every moment. Being alive – living here and now. I do not want to know about your fake tits, expanding muscle bulk or multiple orgasms due to a wonder pill.

I need to hear your struggling with being a parent. Sharing your life experiences with your child and being told off for by them for not being honest or giving enough when you have tried to show them responsibility or awareness in this cut throat financial society.

I desire to know I am not the only one who has standards, which are service based on koru´s three “a´s” - acknowledgement, acceptance and appreciation, when dealing with strangers and their differing cultural demands. I am here to hear you. I see what you mean. Yet I will not treat you in a manner I would not treat myself. I greet the godly light within you and honour that essence and await no less.

So this “self ramble” has been to try to let you know I might be changing my line of story telling a smidgen. For I myself after twenty-eight years am about to venture out in the work force alone. I am keeping my bed partner of the last thirty (he is comfy and sexy in one) just I wont be earning the pennies with him by my side. It is a mutual choose and so bloody exciting. For can I, in this age in which society sees you as being “over”, take on a full handed new experience as a single handed wo-man?

You bet your last dollar I can! I have the patience, tolerance and compassion needed to make a business thrive. From this expertise, another enterprise is about to profit from and it thrills me to think I can be an example to my children, woman friends or spontaneous contacts as well.

So Korus is maybe finally coming of age at 49. She is stepping forwards, into a future that is exhilarating. She is becoming an adult and taking on responsibility! She is opening up to being pre- sent and it is a gift worth unwrapping.

Your Koruswhispers

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