Saturday, 18 July 2015

Walk with me as I whisper

We often think everything just continues as it is now until we drop dead. Is that healthy? Is that the norm? Should we even expect more? If you answer to these three questions twice “no” and once “yes” then you are on the right track, for we are beings of incredible potential and often we get too caught up in the daily routine of living that we forget our own worth and value.

I am stepping along my own pathway in my life at present, perhaps in a different manner than you are used to but it is mine and I take you along with me if you care to read, to learn, discover and question with me. Should I even begin to worry about trying to consolidate my words when I write to suit your demur? Absolutely not, for I have my own tale to tell and within its folds perhaps lies a thread that could help you weave an even more colorful tapestry for you in your own life story. 

I have to date basically linked my Instagram and my Facebook side together and perhaps at times given you a deeper look into my thoughts here on my blog. Maybe you have a desire to know a smidgen more. Or perhaps you would like a deeper answer or explanation to what I express and reveal here. Then ask me please and I will answer you with the deepest respect towards your life situation.

Or just come along for the whispered experience of what I find is hidden in the daily moments of my life and maybe you’ll discover perhaps a notch in which you can rest for a moment, take solace or gain inspiration to pave your own way to your individual expansion.

Start today exploring my whispers for yourself and then tell others to come along for the journey as well, on Korus whispers site.

In deepest gratitude,
your Korus

Friday, 3 July 2015

Discover me

The core of my being 
is hidden from every soul 

here on earth, 

for the one whom knew it

has long gone.

I am still in the phase
of waiting to fully bloom
and no one cares
if it happens or not.

I exist.
I breath.
I am the essence of undiscovered desire
within a soft capsule of velvety fabric
that needs to be only exposed yet there is not
a single hand which wants
to touch me in the manner of

Or is this only the illusion of
a moment without

Am I not thinking anymore clearly because
I have lost myself the desire to live
delving into my centre?

I will not wait for you or those whom could see
to open up my potential to bloom
For that is losing out on the chance
to simple live -
be here -
and be.

Your Korus

Embrace your now

Oh life is so precious,
let it not go to waste.
If someone tells you
 to take out the negatives,
stripe yourself
of what is not needed,
reflect perhaps on the why
but forgot not,
 who you are
in the process too.

It could be for the simple reason
they have learnt to realize
it requires not a lot
to notice what value is.
Did it come through the realization
that time has its own master ticking away?
Did it evolve through circumstances of chance?
 Does it even matter
If only you need to embrace your now!

I too could state that I am not here to be pleasant, kind or caring YET I wish to be and that is the bottom line. I have reached a moment in life when I want to give back to you. It means I might rattle your feathers. Come across as a bulldozer in a field that has been left untended for a very long time but I see the potential of what could flourish here. I see your slumbering talents and wish only to further them.

I myself have given, given and given in life. I have often found it hard to accept any help from the outside, for I was drilled to believe at Saint Margaret’s that a helping hand only grabs and torments. There was no caring caress behind the open palm.  There was only punishment and pain. The scares are deep but they are not the base upon which I wish to build my reality now.

I have undertaken in the middle of this year to start out on a new journey. It is my choice.  I have stepped away from what has been my work and life for the past twenty-eight years and given it with a full and grateful heart to our daughter to further as she sees fit. I can be called upon to help or support her yet not run the business. It was born and grew up under the tender loving care of my husband and myself. It was a fantastic, trying and heart wrenching time. My father-in-law never accepted the equal standing I had with my husband in our business and made his view clear, so often trying to break me. Making my life hard as hell. My husband’s love helped me cope with this pressure and our children had the care of a loving mother-on-law to keep them away, in some part, from what I termed the “devil wears a white beard.” Then came a time when I physically became very ill. I looked deeply into what I was swallowing and bearing for the sake of existing. It was this moment in that I realized I had a chance. I could view this soul with all his issues, standing over from me as a tormentor or as a possibility. Being physically and mentally damaged is almost part and parcel of so many of our lives. We have all such stories to recite if one wishes too, some more horrific than others. Would it help you to know the intimate details?

I believe not, for then you would focus on what I endured, and miss the fact I saw in the moment the value of what life is. I have a partner who sees me as an individual, walking her pathway and honouring this fact. I have two marvellous kids who have such individual ways of seeing the world and make me proud they choose me to birth their uniqueness.  I have a kaleidoscope of friends that colour my world in a vibrancy I wrap around me with a passion, for it is intoxicating. Do you follow what I am getting at here? Does your blood pulse as well at the incredible rhythms offered to us by our existence that at times you feel you could burst? Do we not learn and grow from such situations? Can I not exercise flexibility and look at the criticism given as a chance to take on a new direction and expand beyond my own limited boundaries? You never are alone; it is only your view of a situation that makes you believe so, if you want to see it that way.

It is ok in a new situation to wonder if your world is upside down.  If the stability that has become stale is to be shaken and stirred, allowing you to move forward it also shows you thank god are not yet dead! Otherwise you could not appreciate that life is so precious. So full of passion, colour, vibrations, light, love, pain, tears, loose ends and solutions altogether as one.

It is this bag of mixed marbles that I take out each day to play with, on the ground upon which I walk and watch fascinated as they roll me towards an exploration of deeper levels of who I am and how I am bound to you, even though we have no clue, of one another. It confirms it is good to be alive, reminding you to embrace your now.

Your Koruswhispers

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