Thursday, 6 October 2016

... just saying

It is an interesting fact that when I write on my "Koruswhispers" side family and friends read my inscriptions and then they assume what I am saying relates directly to my life!

I write from experiences yes, and I recall what has happened to me BUT that is only at spontaneous times applicable. More than often it is intuition, insight and my awareness of a universal situation that compels my writing. A friends need, a relatives cry for help or an unknown persons question, which inspires a posting. If I was going through everything I wrote about I would literally be a mess ... lol.

I am here at this moment to serve in the highest possible level I can and with humility and grace. If my words and thoughts touch a chord within your heart then I have achieved what is desired from me and am full of gratitude.

For I am a channel through which energy flows ---- the source of that energy is grander than that which I am. It is love pure.

In deepest gratitude for your awareness and participation,

Your Korus

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Doing what you do and knowing why!

On the 26th of June I ran the Aletsch half marathon in Bettmeralp, Switzerland. I had not run in a 
organized event since 2007, due to a previous meniscus rip and repair operation in my knee, which put a stop to competition runs. Hence I had invested six months of training into the preparation for this trail 
run so I knew I would finish. All my long runs up the mountain slopes, behind my doorstep had gone perfectly, even if rain and fog had been more my companions than sunshine this year. My last run up our own small mountain, on the last Monday morning before the run, had given me my own personal best 
time and I felt ready for the approaching challenge. Then just two days later, on Wednesday my immune system began to slacken. 

Not surprisingly for me that just before an event I would be required to join mind, body and soul together to reach my goal. I seem to experience regularly these self-inflicted challenges. Often with added doses of other obstacles placed in my way. I actually have almost hardly ever known it to fold out in any other 
form. Once I would have felt the universe was ganging up on me and making life harder than I desired it 
to be. Now I am aware that I only experience, within the present moment, what I need to resolve at the time; releasing old habits or no longer needed patterns, so as to become more in tune with my life and 
all its levels. As you could also say “nothing happens without a reason!”

At the Kindergarten where I work all were inflicted with either a childhood sickness or the snivels and I unconsciously accepted, I consciously would pick something up, and deal with the consequences! I had taken on this running challenge in Advent last year, as a group of running friends had all raved about the “Aletsch” experience and it was decided we would either re-live or be participating for the first time together; accepting the call to ascend from 1900 too 2700m, covering 21km and feeling the energy of this UNESCO world heritage site the challenge was on. 
I heard the mountains personal call to me. Yes I would be ready even although hesitate because I was at 
the time in a personal transitional period, requiring me do to a lot of soul searching, so I saw this as part 
of my personal therapy. The training runs I knew would require only my running routes to be longer but 
not more units than my normal programme. And the time spent with Pokie along the trials, etched in the side of the southern tip of the Black Forest, were only enrichments to my health and mindset.

Rain, wind, fog, snow, ice and darkness were my six-month training buddies. The elements demanded protective clothing and an iron will, to get out and slow pleasure jog, no matter what. The season summer had been in the mouths of many in our region, a dirty word this year, though I was glad for the missing 
heat as I clocked up my kilometres. Now my hedging the colds and sickness around me began to put a spokes in the works.

I realize that if something doesn’t sit 100% with me I attract that which I fear towards me. It is a universal law that our minds desires are our future experiences. This scares a lot of people when they see their 
focus has been on not getting this sickness, job experience or relationship entanglement. Yet the 
underlying reason is rather to challenge us to focus on the potential imbedded within a situation. 
Therefore when our thoughts are being directed to achieving the highest good for all involved and 
ourselves too, the strength of these “mind-energy waves” is intensified.

I took on this running challenge to kill a demon. While running the K78 Swiss Alpine ultra in Davos several years ago, I fell over a tree root and ripped my meniscus. As I was not aware of the damaged I had caused I continued to run but at km 60, at a height of 2330m, a storm blew in making the organizers shut down the race at this point, blocking all those reaching this milestone from continuing. I had only 18km left of the 
race and was devastated. It has always remained with me like a bad taste in the mouth, even though I 
know to tangle with the elements in the Alps, is no lightly taken on task. So here I was about to take on the battle of my weakened system, altitude, the ego and me.

A visit to the chemist on Thursday morning confirmed what I already knew (when you have an 
autoimmune disease and several other permanent health issues you become very fine-tuned to caring for your system) this was the beginning of a cold. So I started up the thyme and sage tea routine along with “juicing”, getting as much sleep as possible and trying to remain calm. I would go with my hubby and 
friends on Friday to the Alps and make a hard cut decision on Saturday night, if I was to run on Sunday morning or not.

No fever came. The aches in the joints and ligaments receded within a day. A slight cough remained on the bronchial. I was weakened bodily. My mind asked myself why was I doing this? Just to please my hurt pride from years gone by? To say with fifty you can still run? Yet this I can I do easily by me at home so why do I put myself under the stress and competition pressure? Now there lay honestly the golden question! It 
felt it was to show myself a past experience had not been in my control but it had been my choice how I experienced it.

Do I run for me? Yes. 
Did I feel I needed to run to show others I can? No. 
Do I get pleasure out of running such a hard trial? Yes and No! 

When running and hiking after my pace I love it. Feeling I have to compete with or against others makes 
me cranky. This is just the same for many when faced with challenges where the levels to be reached, are predetermined by those outside of your personal field of knowledge. The times set for running are given 
by the organization to keep you actually from harms way, as the ground covered during the race has its 
own difficulties, and requires a fitness level from you, so that you can get through it still standing.

Sunday was upon me before I knew it and my mind was made up. Run what you can, march the rest. Time didn’t matter but competing and completion did. Altitude has a way of pushing you too your limits and 
the first few kilometres had me feeling as if a bulldozer had run over me, as the body become dense and heavy. The first drink station was positioned at 5 km and I literally was hanging out for its arrival, as I had decided against carrying my own drink bottle or for that matter anything else that could burden my free movement. By 8km came the first need to march as the assent increased. This was a necessary way to conserve energy for later as I felt I was coming into my flow. By 11km a short wood stretch, meant shade and soft ground under my feet before the alpine trails started. Here I was in my element. Moss, a babbling brook, and mist amongst the undergrowth swirled its way into the pines over head. A small butterfly flew 
in front of me and I to did the same right over my own feet, “flew” as a sharp stone in the pathway caught the top of my shoe, sending me several meters along the mountain side. Winded and startled, I realized I had been totally a drift from what I was doing (running a race!) and the universe had jolted me back with a start to reality. Now I had also a spilt right front shoe to contend with.

If you need an instant reminder of why you have undertaken a task, just daydream for a second and get jostled back with a whack. So now it was “hobble and recapture my breath”, while I considered my next move. By the time I reached 15km I knew it would be jog/march till the end otherwise my shoe would not hold up and my knee had an interesting twitch going on inside it, meaning it to had also taken on more of the fall than I realised.

So it is often with endeavours in life. We plan. We learn. We set ourselves tasks, levels and jobs to 
complete and something just gets in our way, along “the way”. It was at this moment that the woods 
opened up and the Aletsch glacier lay spread out before me disappearing into the majestic Alps ahead. Oh, such a breath-taking sight. A truly timely reminder indeed of my smallness and invincibility, in the schema 
of the world.

One thought suddenly fleeted across my consciousness: “If I should die right now, is this run worth being 
my last moment?” A yes came out instantly and with full force. I was doing what I loved. I was in my element, tackling life with each limp of my body and mentally in control of what little I could be. I was 
living my life, my way, fully in the day. Simple. To feel your own greatness and realize it is but a fleck on the whole plan of a larger scaled construction, is to know everything does have a reason and a season to be played out.

So it was that I marched forwards, at times slow jogging a few steps but most of all keeping my eyes wide open to the beauty around me and how I was interacting to its lay out. The last few kilometres were a reminder of my smallness. I completed the run.

I have some wonderful memories of this weekend but more importantly I know I need not run ever again 
an event to kill a personal ego demon in my mind, show some one else I can run or feel a it gives 
somehow a validation to who I am.

My fears are self-inflicted. My limitations self implied. For when we join in unison with our true self and be present in the now, each experience enriches our capabilities to expand beyond that which we know. Our knowledge is deeply rooted in being part of all that we touch, feel, hear and see. To know your self in 
depth is to give up to the mountains call and become once again, very small along the crust of the earth. Moving forwards. Taking time to let go and let be. Running my way and being here now within the 
moment. Being present in my now. No more or no less. Perfect, simply as it is.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Remember to value YOURSELF!

Be assertive. For it is the true essence of valuing your worth.

There are bullies in life. There are people who are jealous of your abilities and capabilities! 
Yet this is only a reflection of their insecurities. You still are of value and needed by so many. 
Let not an others jealousy of what you are - love in action - be the thorn in your daily experience of living in the present.

You cannot assume that tomorrow will be a reality; therefore live NOW with complete awareness, as it is the only span of time worth valuing.

Your Korus

Sunday, 3 July 2016

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"A whisper a day to find your way"
Volume two

Here within this eBook I have complied a collection of my own fables, quotes , poems and sayings on how to look at yourself and the way you interact with your world. Thus enabling you to reach higher than your present stand, expand beyond the space you occupy now and bring about achieving the “grandest version” of the person you were born to be.
It is your personalised 90-day program to finding your way.

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Can be downloaded to all devices (mobile phone, i-Pad, computer, e-Reader) as an eBook so you can have instant access no matter where you are.

Your Korus

Sunday, 12 June 2016

take time to smell the flowers

A simple statement within is hidden a deeper meaning. 

A reminder to take note, of the tempo in which, you race through the world. 

To see if what you cram into your day, has meaning and is worth doing. 
To look with clarity at what you are undertaking now.
Is it benefiting your health, your relationships or your peace of mind?

Take time to smell the flowers and note how many single moments within your day can be life sustaining. 

It is truly the essence of presence.

Your Korus 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I too am a foreigner

Will it become rare to be able to just breathe deeply out, and say what a crazy mixed up world we live in 2016? For the mood of the land runs wild at present, as dispatched humans from all over the world, search out Germany for their new domicile. If I state a view here I could end up getting a lecture from one group of people why you should buy into this motion to “cure your mindset” of such a view. Or I am asked to change my manner and be a better person by taking on another’s stand towards the issue of migrants. Or release my voice to the topic on the table, by becoming a passive activist; my term for giving your money to this or that association so all is looking well on the outside fabric of your world - or is it actually theirs?

I am hesitant to say too much at recent get togethers, for it seems there is often a strong stand placed in the room, which makes my hairs literally stand on end. The present displacement of human beings in Europe at large from warring areas in the East, is the hottest topic at present. Also termed by some here as the worst refugee crisis since world war two. Or by others, seen as terrorists plot to infiltrate westernized civilization. Perhaps you have been told it’s a natural progression of western military action over the last decade that has brought this migration about. Whatever the reasons given or verbal exchanges used, it often just boils down to my feeling I have lost the jest of whatever it was, I, in the first place expressed as my opinion. I get instead shouldered or driven into looking at a different perspective, without being able to share and formulate, in a construction discussion, my view. Or being able to create ideas, to developing new solutions to a weary and old dilemma; for all want quality of life yet it has grown way out of proportion in providing it now.

Whatever terms are used for placing ones views “out there”, I am sure the previous statements help conjure up the intensity which follows. Various stories gathered from the media of how “I” or “we” or “they” see it are added to personal recollections of injustices of family history and you have an explosive energy in circulation. It sizzles without needing hardly any fat to fuel the fire.
Recently as I mentioned wanting to perhaps inquire about training for a helpline for the influx of refugees in our area I was asked why! I explained the organization places a strong weight on being there to listen and support all displaced refugee citizens from other countries. Not tell them what to do and inflict your personal beliefs or ideas on how they should find individual solutions to very complex issues. Rather be a caring soul, whom allows the individual speaking to form the traumas they have experienced into words, which you hear without judgment. Giving them a chance to draw a map of how their future could be, in a land they have yet to learn the reality about, although they see it as a haven against what they have left behind.

After explaining this, the comments and opinions that came from one of my friends made me more than blush. Could such hatred, fear and animosity against other human beings really exist at such a heightened level in our modern world I thought? Was I actually hearing right or did someone bring on a pre-historic recording from times past into the room! Sadly, I know my view is not the majority in the area I live. Probably honestly less and less in the land, as the medias hype reciting rather horrific acts of hooliganism in our cities, initiated often by social groups intent on creating a heighten aggression or instability wherever they can, gets more attention. However this often just diminishes daily our attention on the real tragedy behind the refugee’s stories.

The year 2016 is also the anniversary of my arrival in Germany twenty-eight years ago. I live here as a foreigner yet I have never once felt any form of intense hatred as I view now towards others. It has been said to me its because of my white skin or my enduring German that I am more readily accepted into Germanic society. Perhaps I was included in the fold because I lived in my parents-in-laws house, immediately began working for my money and integrating into the fabric of society, by learning the language and being part of the community into which, I had consciously made a decision to come to.

Whichever way I look at it all the topsy-turvy views in today’s world, it still makes me question my true sense of freedom here. For if I am scared to view my thoughts – if I am terrorized into keeping quite – if my mouth is covered by the hand of democracy, for the good of the few (those controlling the purse strings), where will our humanity go this year as we battle monstrous themes regarding so many individuals displaced from their birth lands?

The question for me becomes in a year in which my personal reflection is to “reclaim your life” - what is my life and do I measure the value of my life as more or less than my neighbours, by the manner in which I entered the land? The basic necessities the United Nations declare as being the measure for quality of life are more than ever relevant: “QUALITY OF LIFE: This is the notion of human welfare (well-being) measured by social indicators rather than by "quantitative" measures of income and production.” This has a very strong message in its formulation.

For we can blame societies influence or our up bringing or a number of other factors for living the life we lead here in the western world but remember one thing – YOU have the choose what to believe, what to carry forward in your daily interactions with others and how to formulate what you call “your life”. It is often not easy to swallow this. It can cause conflicts and upsets in your immediate circles. Yet it is in the end simply, your choice if you accept we all have the right to live here on this plant, in peace and harmony.
Just changing one’s outlook can cause a deep effect for more souls than you care to count. It is the butterfly effect. Begin today by reflecting on what you truly believe, why and if you wish to hold onto that belief. There need be no more asked than to begin a new way of acting, which leaves behind less fear embedded in future generations. Then perhaps in another era, not too far down the road, we can finally term earth, as a place called “heaven for all”.

This is why I whisper. For my words could be the support you need, to find your way in an unknown land, along a new pathway that leads you to home.

Deepest gratitude, your Korus

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Gift vouchers

Falling into a creamy cappuccino (figuratively speaking) is something I rarely do but oh how it embraces the soul and makes me feel good for a few moments, when I do. That is what I realized yesterday, as I celebrated reclaiming my life with Darls in a quaint Italian café house in my local near by village and all on a fantastic gift voucher given to us over a year ago.

Gift vouchers are an item you are given for example at birthday times, Christmas or as a thank you gesture perhaps. Often due to you then having to acutely go out and cash them in, at a place you normally would not venture, they find their way into a dark draw, pinned onto a cork board or left lying on the hallway table. Gathering dust, until as you clear some room for another item, they pop up reminding you it has either expired or giving you a guilty feeling of not being at the time “pro-active” and using it.

I have a few of these little treasures in a folder and as at the moment I am redirecting my life (my New Years resolution for 2016) I have decided I will acknowledge their potential NOW. The ones that are still open by me are for a thermal bath entrance, breakfast for two at an Italian café and a voucher for whatever I want from a local reform store. All of them allow me to give myself something I actual love, so I wonder why I have left them over the years to gather so much time on their dates of issue? Lucky for me they are all still valid.

I myself have over the years also provided friends with the typical gift voucher for purchasing that book they would like and not my novel choice. Or a cinema pass so they could view the movie they wished too or a money voucher for cashing in at your favourite shop, on treats you would not normally buy. At least that is what I envisage when I have purchased the voucher. Yet once my Darls mentioned he wouldn’t make the effort to actual go alone to an activity or remember to have it in his wallet when purchasing items at the given shop I have changed my strategy a bit.

I now give personalized “gift vouchers of time”. I purchase a lovely card and write that I will for example go to the movies, art exhibition, have a picnic breakfast on a scenic mountaintop or do an event of your choosing with you. I ask only that within a month of receiving my gift voucher, you set the date so I can do the organizing, including picking you up and taking you, for whatever your gift voucher is. That way the gift is really that – a treat for you. The bonus is not only it is actual used but rather that I can be part of what I give and see it really giving pleasure to the one I gave it to.

I have time to be with the receiver of the gift voucher as well and this is really important. Hence the gift of “time” is given in this manner. It is what actual never exists in our world today right? “I have no time, I can’t find time even to do that? I seem to never have enough time” are regular statements issued by us all. So giving your time for a defined action or event is a gift, which holds immense value. It shows you care about the person. It shows you will make time for that person and it provides both you and the receiver a space in which to create memories of having that special time together that would otherwise not have been.

You could think of this form of giving as “vouching for your gift” within a set space of time and participating in its actually being used. Perhaps you too would love to try this form of giving out in 2016 and see how it can expand your gifts into real moments of delight for the receiver, as well as you.

Warmest regards, your Korus

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Why should I write Christmas cards?

Upon the first day of January my reflective voice said to me;
What heavens above really happened to your Christmas cards from 2015?
Upon the second day of January my rational voice spoke to me;
Are you going to right a “stuff up” and get an email off to friends from the past?
Upon the third day of January my inner voice whispered to me
Leave the past behind, embrace your future but live in this moment “Reclaim your life this year”
Simply just be you …

Reflecting back upon the events of December 2015 have kept me truly “in my head” over Christmas, wrecked havoc with my body and had me do "mini replays" of events in my mind, till I have been literally robbed of sleep. That is often the case for a lot of us when unusual “things” occur and you ponder on the right or wrong of this and that. It is the ego in us, which wants rationalization. It is the adult in us that needs sense and order again and it is the child in us, which desires holding and soothing and reassurance. These “things”, which would seem so benign for many, which seem silly to give time and space recounting what happened though, are for me I would say are a life line. It is a desire for tradition coupled with a need to retain a connection to the past, which makes it’s recounting important from my inner child’s view.

Let me explain. In previous years I have at various times of the day and night got my Christmas list and cards organized. Sometimes I would start one month before the first of Advent to create my personalized greetings. Other times I would formulate a poem and rewrite it, time over time again, on special paper chosen just for the purpose of blending in with the words. Important for me was always to include a hand written letter, addressed to each individual person, with personal comments or reflections on their lives. Why I did this probably has its roots in two areas. My mother always fostered a Christmas ritual of writing out cards to friend, like clock work during the Christmas season. Always with the reasoning that keeping in contact could be done so you would perhaps have someone to visit the following year, if you were near his or her plot of earth. The other was the nuns of my boarding school, insisting that writing a letter or card was a personalized why of reminding someone you knew they were cared about. I liked this idea as a young girl and have fostered it as an adult since moving my domicile half the way around the world. I often receive cards back with comments such as; “I love getting your letters and living a wee bit a part of what your going through in your world” to “when I get your card it is always a reminder to me to reflect on Christmas, friendships and time”.

So this year I reduced my Christmas card address list down to a very small range of people of importance in my life. All got a personalized written message, some a letter. Those who might send me seasonal greetings and had not received anything from me would, I decided; get a new year’s postcard at a later date instead. Then I lost my pile of cards. One day I wanted to send them off and he next day I had a disastrous work experience that clashed with a personal health issue. By the time I was ready to begin living normality again in my life, eight days had passed and my cards were still missing. They were no where to be found no matter how hard I tried to revive them into being “here”.

Ok I stated, what am I being told by the universe? Cancel Christmas? No way. Give up on celebrations? That would be so not me. Forget keeping in contact? Such a shame I though and so passed loads of other dramatic thoughts through my grey cells as in frustration I focused purely on “those cards!” Honestly how could they just vanish? The time spent writing them was one thing; the value of the cards another yet the need to feel I existed for a reason was strongly questioned by this experience.

Only two weeks until Christmas Eve and not a single card had fluttered through my mailbox. So this was probably yes a double sign to give up ever recovering these Christmas cards I decided. The little sad child in me was getting rebellious. Thank goodness the adult soon took over – ok the energy I had invested in the first place in those batches of Christmas cards had already been put out there in purchasing, writing and reflecting. That could not be recaptured. It has now a past item. I was still here in the present. So I should utilize that. Nothing else should be focused on really but reclaiming the moment and acting upon it now. Live what I believe I said to myself!

So new Christmas “postcards” were purchased, addressed, stamped and a poem on the value of time, recited in the limited space given. Then I did something that was a first time for me - composing an electronic letter to all! Computer button punched “send” while also sending cards in the post: a combining of the virtual and physical world of sharing information.

The times are changing and not just because of my age either. My losing my original Christmas cards last year made focus on what is of such importance to me. I have family and friends who have died in the past year and their post has naturally stopped. Yet I also have family and friends who are alive and kicking and they never bother to exchange further a word with me. My writing Christmas cards reflects how I believe we share our lives with others and this plays a role on how we ourselves co-exist in this world.

Therefore in 2016 I reclaim my life and the manner in which I live it, by undertaking small rituals of habit.

Be these writing Christmas cards and sending them off. Thinking on a person and sending them a wish for health. Lighting candles in winter and reflecting on what I would like to shed light upon to understanding the issue in more depth. Whatever it may be that I do, I do it because it is for me correct. It is also part of who I am and who I desire to be. Not a fabricated member of a society ruled by tags and hubs and others perceptions. Rather a person of integrity who can be counted on to be there for you when needed, lend a helping hand or an ear to hear. To help you as well to reclaim your life, its ritual’s and ways as being part of the fabric of living. For me its all about keeping it together, to expand and not tear apart, those little things from the past that make the view into the future, one to look forward too.

With deepest gratitude, your Korus

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear For his soul is already attuned; To the sounds that encase him Like a blanket that fits, Snuggly over ...