Thursday, 6 October 2016

... just saying

It is an interesting fact that when I write on my "Koruswhispers" side family and friends read my inscriptions and then they assume what I am saying relates directly to my life!

I write from experiences yes, and I recall what has happened to me BUT that is only at spontaneous times applicable. More than often it is intuition, insight and my awareness of a universal situation that compels my writing. A friends need, a relatives cry for help or an unknown persons question, which inspires a posting. If I was going through everything I wrote about I would literally be a mess ... lol.

I am here at this moment to serve in the highest possible level I can and with humility and grace. If my words and thoughts touch a chord within your heart then I have achieved what is desired from me and am full of gratitude.

For I am a channel through which energy flows ---- the source of that energy is grander than that which I am. It is love pure.

In deepest gratitude for your awareness and participation,

Your Korus

The Listener

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