Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2017 motto "savour life!"

“While slicing into my New Year's Eve pretzel yesterday, I found it was the perfect beginning to my year to "savour life!" with all my senses.

Savour means to enjoy as much as possible, relish, experience slowly, soak in or take pleasure in something with your full awareness. It is my 2017 motto and one I intend to give full reign too come high wind or low tides.

I have since several years been a fan of creating for myself a yearly theme, rather than resolutions on the eve of the end of a year. I find the scope, which opens up to me upon various plains, extensive and deeply moving. I have heaps stuffed up my sleeve, ready to explore this year. As well as massive butterflies in my stomach because I sense this will require diplomacy for the newer developments hovering on the horizon. 

Yet today, I begin with the simple pleasure of knowing the first few bites I have taken into 2017, have shown me this is going to be one year of pure delight in lingering over what I experience, so as to saturate myself, soul, body and mind within all life has to offer.
The year in which my theme was "reclaim your life" is closing its window shutters upon so many memories. Some created to last, others still in the process of being built and a small handful left rather behind or completely forgotten for the damage has been done and helps no one to keep it alive. It has been for me personally an incredible year of emotion, readjustment, new directions and deeply fulfilling awakenings. All which occurred for me, so I would go after my hearts desires this New Year. 

I have laid solid foundational structures for the future months. It will be my year to "savour life". Yet in the few remaining hours before that begins, I say a prayer of gratitude for all I have lived through, bless my family and friends, whom have been through it with me and embrace those I have had to leave behind with love and respect, for the role they played in this years developments and scenario’s too.

May the light of compassion, the warmth of love, and the calmness of peace, touch upon each and every one of you between the bewitching moment between 2016 and 2017. 


I am reflecting back upon my “crossover statement of 2016-2017” on Instagram, as a revaluation of what has occurred in the first seventeen days of my savour life year. I am doing this as a personal check to make sure I am following through with what I want. There are no rulebooks or guru guidelines I use to plan and initiate my personal adventure into 2017. I make the decisions. I plan the pathway and walk the terrain be it smooth going or bumpy is to be seen. What is important is I control the direction and savour the experience. Or at least try to if it falls short of my own set standards. And these standards are under my scrutiny continuously as I am hard upon myself. 

I have to be otherwise my inner world would be too often pulled apart by everyone else’s desires and needs. I have spent so many years providing for others. Being the person I thought was wanted. Letting my own real self take often a back seat to those whom had at the time the playing cards in their hand. I learnt through this type of game plan though it was only because I had given them permission to set the rules. That changed over time, as trust was a ripped apart. Love was abused. Kindness was used and openness taken as a ticket to bluntly ignore whom I was. The year 2016 was spent putting so much effort in recalling, revaluating and rediscovering Korus. The part of her whom believed in wonder, wished upon a falling star and knows there is a godly sparkle in each and every human being waiting to be seen.

So how am I doing? Well I have managed to stay focused and in the process have discovered many interesting aspects about myself and how I tick. One aspect I had never looked into in-depth fascinated me in the first week of my savour life year. The Christmastide is a period of twelve days every year (25.12 – 06.01) in which having been raised in an Anglican all girls boarding school was from a Christian standpoint, very important for us. We celebrated the birth of god’s son here on earth; in the form of a small baby who brought in through reincarnation the tangible form of his love and light to us. There were scriptures to read, carols to sing and religious ceremonies to attend. Yet the pagan rituals from which many of these traditions have been formed, as Christian missionaries conquered historical civilizations, were never addressed. Living now in Germany for the last twenty-nine years I get to experience both worlds.

Therefore I brought a small book over the yuletide period and read, reflected and participated for myself in this period of transition and awareness. How amazing to find the reason for our Christmas tree and its red decorations also had to do with reverence to transition and growth, by noting what had been sacrificed for continued life. Gratitude was practiced in honour for the seasonal changes; with winter bringing in the potential for rebirth, with the moment of the winter solstice seen as the beginning of the "year being reborn".  With each tradition undertaken are values we carry out consciously and also unconsciously. I loved seeing within me why perhaps I inwardly desired a certain routine or felt repulsed by another. I questioned and queried my responses and adjusted my reaction to come into alignment with my own essence this year.

That is the point of savouring my life this year. I only digest what I truly find pleasurable and leave that which causes me indigestion, out of my daily diet. I am the one who is affected by what I consume. Unwanted ideas, traditions or festivities can fester in me causing upsets on various plains if I unwittingly just take and swallow without thought what is given as the “done thing”.

To use “savour of” as a verb without a specific object related to it, is how I viewed this investigation of Christmastide or Yuletide time. It meant I could have found a suggestion or trace of a quality or attribute, typically one considered bad; in the genuflections (lowering one's body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect) savoured of superstition and popery from both “tides”. Rather I saw the noun of savour and valued the characteristics of both, which are to be valued and play a role in my life.

So far I am savouring every moment I am living now in 2017. Are you?

Your Korus  

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