Thursday, 8 June 2017

Butterflies are made to fly

Do you know how many blogposts I have written this year? Ten dozen or more, all so beautifully formulated as well. Right to the point, while expanding on my simple “going with the flow” mantra that has been my personal motto since the year 2000. Yet most of all giving me the space to express what I believe, how I live and where I am going in this “savour my life year”. They are all neatly logged within the files of my mind. I always feel so elated when I am finished. Today though I thought I might share one instead of keeping it inside.

If you were a follower on my Facebook or Instagram pages you would know that I have taken on a small experiment to find out more or perhaps less about flow. Over eleven days, sets of free download video or audio sessions are given out per mail, to those whom have joined the “flow! summit” group. You can watch what you feel drawn towards or leave the lot enclosed in its email invitation. Up to you. Considering that I am in recuperation time at home, after a knee operation, there is not too much I can do between doctor’s visits and resting. So because I have the time it is proving to be quite an interesting daily adventure.

So the clock had just passed noon and I was pondering how productive of a person was I. I was presently wiping over the oven bottom, freeing it of some murky substance that had seeped out of my baking veggies, while also lending my awareness to a pod cast from a very upbeat young American, listing his eight ways to get into flow. He had just posed this question regards being a productive person. I was hungry and wanted to get to those veggies, so I only occasionally flicked my eyes to the computer scene sitting on the kitchen bench when he mentioned “ and here I have it all for you in a flow chart”. Honestly that was enough. I stopped the program because I was sick of the presentation, which I felt was becoming an advertising plug for his product. I actually after eating, went back to listen to where I had left off, just to satisfy my own knowing that I hadn’t missed a thing and confirm my intuition was right on.

My reaction to this still makes me smile now as I sit in the garden, under the crab apple tree, swiping bugs from having a party on my bare skin - all part of getting my daily dose of vitamin D and natures healing essence; sunshine. And the contrast couldn’t be more pronounced if I tried. Here I am aware of the continuous bird sounds, the odd farmers taxi and a car somewhere in the far distance. A few voices rise and fall as they pass by on the edge of the property and the drone of an airplane is gracing the outskirts of all this normality and I am deeply in relaxation and healing mode. I am completely in flow.

It happened, my smile, as he wanted to say how normal he is – the guy in the podcast if you’ve lost track of my flow. He listed all the silly billy things he had done that day, which seemed normal and then wait for it, all that he had accomplished, which just was plain bragging. Yeap that’s what I thought. It was from this moment onwards I knew his message wasn’t for me. And thats ok. Yet he had shown me something important and for that I was grateful. Let me explain it this this.
I could tell you as well what I did today to make you feel better; such as practiced squatting with both feet firmly placed on the ground, to scratch Pokies (my boarder collie) ears. He yelped giving me quite a fright, making me pull on his ears even harder, as I concentrated keeping my balance and standing up straight again. Remember I have just had my knee operated on and this was a very brave new move for me to try out, after having no bending activity for the last 21 days. Believe me when I say I needed to rest for a good hour afterwards, contemplating what perhaps I could have done different and hoping once I return to work I have the “bend at the knees” down pat (I work in a kindergarten so there is a lot of knees up and down going on there!).

Or how I practiced my pulling up my thigh muscle, by pressing my knee into the flat floor underneath me, while rising my foot to stretch to and meet my nose (all of course in my minds eye, not in reality) and felt the whole time as if someone had whipped out my thigh muscle, while I was under the anaesthetic because it sure wasn’t here anymore.

Now your saying “yeap I did heaps more than her today. How good am I now!” What if though I was to tell you that if I was not in the situation I am in right now, I would have already before noon gone for a ten kilometre run (a thing of the past now. Will have to boost about how many laps I swim from now on), washed the car inside and out, did all the laundry, made the beds, whipped over the floor with the hover, answered new emails, did online banking for the months end, wrote down all my ideas for my next blog post, posted a new instagram picture, checked out my facebook page, mended my daughters work clothes, sewed some items for work, sorted my photos from the past week from my iPhone to a hard disc, washed the winter garden windows and organized our social calendar for the next week. Then sent voice messages to some friends as I drove to start working a six-hour shift at one. 

Are you still with me? I do not know if I would be because who honestly wants to know what you squeeze into your minutes. Be it writing a novel, painting your own model ship your building in the backyard or starting off a telephone service for frustrated workaholics. Its your stuff, not mine and although I can image it tickles your fancy; if I am trying to get you more into “your flow” by sharing my ideas, I sure do not want to piss you off. That is what I felt listening to this guys “pat down”. I would rather pull up the feeling of gratitude for what I am giving than frustration.

It made me think back on what I wrote several days ago on Instagram, and wish to share it with you for it is what I believe can be more uplifting than listing my have done list.

“Butterflies are made to fly ... just sometimes they can get stuck while on route inside a house, barn or if they are born inside your fantasy as a new idea to take flight; then in the web of your minds ego.
Let's go with this last one. A fragile idea is born. When it gets stopped in its tracks you feel yourself frustrated, blocked, disgruntled and somehow out of place. Wondering how it get out of this dead end, often reaching out to grab at straws, the project gets deflated before it has even spread its wings. In such a situation, go back to why you wanted to begin the idea to start with. Look at the cocoon, which it developed inside. See the basics. Understand the energy that was created there and spread those wings again. 

Just this time go with the flow of gratitude for creating and watch a new direction unfold. It could be different than you intended at your first take off. Yet I bet it will succeed for the simple fact your experience creation in motion instead of forced established notions. Freedoms are felt on the wings of a butterfly because they lift us away from the heaviness of being earth bound. It is why I believe heaven can be here on earth for all and I will continue to do my small part in giving it a possible chance to take flight again and again and again.”

Here´s hoping this helps you get more into your flow now.

Your Korus

Monday, 5 June 2017

A whisper a day to find your way: Volume two

"A whisper a day to find your way"

Volume two

Here within this eBook I have complied a collection of my own fables, quotes , poems and sayings on how to look at yourself and the way you interact with your world. Thus enabling you to reach higher than your present stand, expand beyond the space you occupy now and bring about achieving the “grandest version” of the person you were born to be.
It is your personalised 90-day program to finding your way.

Now available on Amazon for you to purchase.

Can be downloaded to all devices (mobile phone, i-Pad, computer, e-Reader) as an eBook so you can have instant access no matter where you are.

Your Korus

Peace begins within the quite moments

It is within the quite moments
I hear where it is I wish to go
or rather perhaps feel like
staying in place -
I never know till the noise is gone,
just what I will do, which is good so.

For it's when I'm still
that I feel
a deeply focused sense of gratitude, for all, which surrounds me and resides within, while I sit quietly here.
Contemplating, reflecting, planning
my steps towards recovery and rebirth.

New directions are taken through need but also because there's possibility within their folds.
To go more with ones own flow,
to be really aware of why your here.
To know everything has a place, a time and individual space.

Your Korus 


The earth has its cycles. We too have our individual rhythms. We celebrate the flourishing of spring as well as the decay of summer’s splendour or the cold grasp of winter. Each cycle reminds us of what we desire, strive for or dearly treasure. I like to see these natural changes as reminders to immerse myself, at this very moment, in its energy. Not tomorrow or in some distant future planned adventure but rather now, right between the intake and out take of a single breath. 

Experiencing my senses soak-in the fragility of what is surrounding me. With reverence acknowledging I can simply be me and it is enough. Flowing within the peacefulness that seeps out from the earth’s firmness beneath my feet and allowing it to spread through me and beyond, to all who crave its presence. Giving through my stand, within this time, my strength for a future based upon awareness that we all are valuable. 

We all have a pathway to walk along and every one of our individual steps counts for humanities expansion, into a peaceful and loving existence. Our mindset plays out in our actions, which determine our environments relations to these on various levels. If you desire peace, be peace. If you search for love, give love. If you speak of compassion, practice humility. When you are what you believe then your rhythms will synchronise with the earth’s cycles and change can evolve. 

Your Korus 

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear For his soul is already attuned; To the sounds that encase him Like a blanket that fits, Snuggly over ...