Sunday, 5 November 2017

Periods of time

Look at these Alchemist roses - joined on the one stem, they present various stages of a roses beauty. One is in closure. Compact and holding it together until that moment comes, when it can "open up", and be magnificent. It is youthfulness in a condensed form. The other rose has had its "hey day" and is retaining a tainted beauty that reminds us of what it gave. It gives out a lazy sigh of vibrancy in its colour yet still slight pieces of the transition into departure are showing; a withered hue graces its petals. Two stages of "time" viewed within these blooms and held on a strong branch that keeps nourishing them both.

The motto here is: each period of time we live in; its timely transitions has a purpose. It has a unique resonance. Overlapping often in a way that although incomprehensible to us, it is supporting and allowing another time to develop, to expand.

Therefore, it doesn't matter in which moment you stand now; your physical and mental actions do create small ripples of change over time. Make them mean something by consciously being centred in a space of love always.

For your time line is not only lateral it is also transitional.

Your Korus

Tender Loving Care on a Daily Basis

How do you begin your morning? Do you say with a grateful heart thank you for waking up? Being able to experience another day living and practicing being the most wonderful and extraordinarily being you were born to be?  Here you see me out in the fresh air (on a frosty 1- degree morning!) enjoying the chance to walk with strength (running due to a permanent knee injury is now a thing in my past) and celebrating the immense possibilities I can draw upon in my life. Focusing on our present moment sets the tone for your day and hence your future. Being aware of our thought process allows us to gently guide ourselves to giving ourselves loads of Tender Loving Care on a Daily Basis (TLCDB). Uplift your disposition from recalling what is not, to what you can do.

To be grateful for your health, your vitality or ability to move about? Perhaps you have some aches and pains, restrictions or disabilities, yet bringing these to the foreground of your daily routine will not set an uplifting tone to the swing of your morning.

I am alive.
I can move.
I have inner beauty.
I am flexible. 
am ready to receive all that is needed to make my day the bestseller in my life!

Begin your day with “I am wonderful” and step forwards with power in your stride. Are you ready?

Your Korus

The Listener

The listener doesn’t need to hear For his soul is already attuned; To the sounds that encase him Like a blanket that fits, Snuggly over ...