Sunday, 5 November 2017

Periods of time

Look at these Alchemist roses - joined on the one stem, they present various stages of a roses beauty. One is in closure. Compact and holding it together until that moment comes, when it can "open up", and be magnificent. It is youthfulness in a condensed form. The other rose has had its "hey day" and is retaining a tainted beauty that reminds us of what it gave. It gives out a lazy sigh of vibrancy in its colour yet still slight pieces of the transition into departure are showing; a withered hue graces its petals. Two stages of "time" viewed within these blooms and held on a strong branch that keeps nourishing them both.

The motto here is: each period of time we live in; its timely transitions has a purpose. It has a unique resonance. Overlapping often in a way that although incomprehensible to us, it is supporting and allowing another time to develop, to expand.

Therefore, it doesn't matter in which moment you stand now; your physical and mental actions do create small ripples of change over time. Make them mean something by consciously being centred in a space of love always.

For your time line is not only lateral it is also transitional.

Your Korus

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